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19-03-2021, 22:21   #1
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Make A Fast Food Restaurant List You Wish Ireland Had

I found America have made this list showing 24 different ones they wish were there.

Then YouTube's got a top 10 which has 4 top 10 videos but I'll only put the original top 10 video link down.

Now try making one for Ireland.
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19-03-2021, 22:35   #2
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Can we do the opposite? List the ones that can f.r.o.?
5 guys

No loss if they all ceased to exist at midnight
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19-03-2021, 23:03   #3
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Anyone that can do decent ribs tbh! Most are fatty and you've to struggle to get the meat off the bone. Ended up eating 2 full racks at the Nascar restaurant in Universal Studios in Florida. Bones slid out, no fat. Amazing. You'd think with the excellent quality meat we have here, someone would be able to do nice ribs...
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19-03-2021, 23:10   #4
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19-03-2021, 23:13   #5
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Shake Shack
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19-03-2021, 23:15   #6
Abominable Dr. Phibes
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We have Supermacs.

That said, some of those Japanese ramen chains should set up shop over here. More Korean fried chicken as well.

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19-03-2021, 23:18   #7
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We've enough of them.
I say this as someone who likes fast food.
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19-03-2021, 23:20   #8
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planet hollywood....when I was a kid, there was one in Stephens green and it was great.....many would disagree with me and I can see their point too. More or less fast food.
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20-03-2021, 00:34   #9
Vita nova
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After seeing Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, I think I'd like to see at least a few White Castle outlets in Ireland. I like the look of the small square burgers and plain bread and that you get many small manageable burgers rather than one large burger. I've never tried them, so they may not live up to expectations.

Sorry, not a list.
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20-03-2021, 00:39   #10
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Originally Posted by kenmc View Post
Can we do the opposite? List the ones that can f.r.o.?
5 guys

No loss if they all ceased to exist at midnight
Where would all the cheeky people go if you got rid of Nandos.
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20-03-2021, 01:58   #11
Clear Air Turbulence
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Not sure if this counts, but I would love if we had an oriental food hall, like this.

Basically a bunch of Chinese and Asian restaurants under one roof with seats and tables in the middle.
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20-03-2021, 02:11   #12
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Originally Posted by Ubbquittious View Post
Any Asian chain if they exist.Otherwise like me cooks.Please no yank versions of Asian food.They ain't got a fcuking clue
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20-03-2021, 02:20   #13
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Cheesecake Factory
Dunkin Donut (for the coffee, they sell the donuts in some Spars I believe)
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20-03-2021, 02:26   #14
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Long John Silvers

When you think about we don't have any exclusive fast food seafood places in Ireland.
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20-03-2021, 02:37   #15
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