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27-06-2018, 22:21   #16
Tae laidir
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No Spring. Straight from Winter to Summer.
Larger Continental Climatic influences at the expense of Temperate.
Long-lasting weather patterns.
Meandering Jet-Stream.
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27-06-2018, 22:46   #17
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The snow we had in Cork City this year was amazing, especially for us Younger generation who really haven't seen any proper snow down here. Really magical.

Also the lightning storm during May that lasted 3+ hours non stop was amazing. Stayed up all night watching it.

And of course Ophelia hit us hardest down South, Roofs flying off school halls and flying through the air, stadiums collapsing and stakes being flown through peoples roofs!

What a year its been alright.

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28-06-2018, 11:31   #18
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Originally Posted by Donegal Storm View Post
The past few months have certainly been fascinating, obviously there was the late and extreme winter but the way we essentially skipped Spring and went straight from winter to summer was also interesting, from no growth and snow on the ground to everything in full bloom within a few weeks. There's probably been more clear sunny days since late April than in the past 5 years combined and an almost total lack of wet days.

Now if only we could get a massive slow moving supercell to travel across the country when this spell ends it'd cap things off nicely In my 30 odd years living here I've yet to see a truly impressive thunderstorm
Had a 72 hour one in Donegal some years ago..
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28-06-2018, 11:41   #19
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Originally Posted by Billcarson View Post
The icing on the cake would be if we could get a white Xmas 2018.
It will be thirty in the shade this Christmas with foot of snow on St Stephens.
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28-06-2018, 21:38   #20
Donegal Storm
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Originally Posted by Graces7 View Post
Had a 72 hour one in Donegal some years ago..
When was that?

I remember a good one in the late 90's one summer with big forks across the sky and thunder that shook the house for about 2-3 hours. I was only a young fella back then though and more annoyed that I had to come home from the beach than trying to enjoy the storm.

Had a few good winter storms as well with big hail squalls and loud thunder but I've never seen a good continental style storm here with huge convection, shelf clouds and strobe lightning, hopefully some day...
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01-07-2018, 05:45   #21
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Originally Posted by M.T. Cranium View Post
I was just thinking, from Ophelia's visit in mid-October of 2017 to the current heat wave, we have seen quite a year of weather in Ireland (and it's not even a year in total yet).

Perhaps I am forgetting a few other events, but certainly the cold spells in late February, the record snowfalls around 27 Feb to 1 Mar and now this heat wave threatening to set new records, all in one period of less than a year, rather unusual in total. I guess from Debbie (Sept 1961) to the winter of 1962-63 was not a lot longer interval but there was no notable heat wave anywhere in that time frame.

Would you consider any other events from August 2017 on to be worth including, since otherwise this year can collect more notoriety all the way to October 2018.

I think that windstorm where Knock had the 84 knot gust was rather unusual too, on 2 Jan if I remember right, then later in January came Frederike but that was more of a blast in eastern England and especially the Netherlands.

MT - in terms of excitement and weather around the globe, could not have gone far wrong with Ireland the last 9 months.

Extraordinary. Even the British are jealous.

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01-07-2018, 06:31   #22
M.T. Cranium
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You did really well with your early warning threads on the two biggest stories in 2018, can't recall without looking back how we started to track Ophelia. A good year for the weather forum too.
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01-07-2018, 16:31   #23
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Amy stats for the weather forum comparing June 2016 - June 2017 to June 2017 to now?

Eg posts, views, etc?
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23-07-2018, 16:03   #24
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Can we add unusually warm westerly to the list of weird weather for this year?
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23-07-2018, 16:30   #25
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At the least the east coast is finally getting some real heat. It would be nice if we had a few decent thunderstorms before the summer is out.
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23-07-2018, 16:56   #26
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east finally getting some real heat? It has been between 25 and 28 a lot this summer. Do you mean literally the east coast? I think Carlow has had over 30 degrees a few times as had Kilkenny, south east admittedly but still east. Phoenix park in Dublin has had quite a lot of days with between 25-28 degrees and Dublin Airport has had only 28mm of rain in nearly 3 months. I would say you could count on one hand when the phoenix park went under 20 the whole summer.
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23-07-2018, 17:00   #27
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It has been a strange year for weather. Its like the jet stream didn't recover from the SSW event back in February.

Hopefully we get another really cold and snowy winter out of it before things return to normal.
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23-07-2018, 21:51   #28
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It is a year that doesn’t suit farmers at all. It is a year that robbed fodder off us. I could say that there was only two months of decent grass growth so far in 2018. In a normal year we should have about 5 months grass growth by now. Grass didn’t grow earlier this year because it was too cold and wet. It's not growing now because it is too dry and hot.
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23-07-2018, 21:59   #29
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Our wind is coming from the east no evaporated clouds coming from Europe's landmass whereas traditionally it came from the west picking up all the sea water and pissing it all down on the first landmass it saw as relief rain which always happened to be Ireland and Scotland.
Snow from Russia one could assume dry skies from Russia too.
Only hope is that the gulf stream does not change direction too or we will have penguins in cork
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23-07-2018, 23:20   #30
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Originally Posted by Lucreto View Post
It has been a strange year for weather. Its like the jet stream didn't recover from the SSW event back in February.

Hopefully we get another really cold and snowy winter out of it before things return to normal.
Move over M.T. Cranium, Kermit de frog and SryanBruen, Calibos is in da house!!
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