Hi everyone,

There was plenty of cause for celebration this month. Not only did we have Valentine's Day and Pancake Tuesday, the latter being one of my favourite days of the year . but Boards turned 20!

To get things started, there's currently a discussion under way as to how the community would like Feedback to work. If you've any suggestions to add, please let them be known here.

This month saw the VR forum get up and running and there's a nice little community forming already despite being pulled from a few different corners of the Gaming category. There's talks of movie nights and some are planning to team up to boldly go where no man has gone before. Who says VR gaming can't be social?

Meanwhile, to accommodate a recent forum request and to expand the remit of one Motors sub-forum, the 4x4 & Tractors & Diggers & Plant is now titled Haulage & Heavy Machinery. If you want to chat vehicles big and......well, big, that's the place to go!

The Forum Games forum has also seen some changes with sub-forums for Codenames and D&D games set up. The hope is that threads for the forum at large, like game sign-ups, beers, and smaller games, won't be crowded out by threads for games of Codenames and D&D. Meanwhile, the forum will also host a Codenames tournament with teams of two battling it out for the World Cup title. Find out how to get involved here, but you need to act fast!

If you're looking for a more active hobby, the Boards Football Team is currently looking for players for Summer 2018. There's no training, just one 60-minute match a week. You can find out more and put your name down for a chance to play in one of the friendly matches - is there such a thing as a friendly?! - here.

There have been some interesting projects and threads across the site over the last month. Greenways are a subject of both interest and debate at the moment. riddlinrussell has put together a Greenway Map of Ireland that not only includes completed projects, but also those planned, under construction, and proposed.

Over in the Horse Racing forum, aidankkk has been putting his money where his mouth is with the LongshotValue 40 bets 1 year thread. It's been wrapped up early and unfortunately not all of the picks paid off, but he still emerged with a 15 point profit.

devnull has wrapped up the updating of the extensive guide to the Leap card. This covers a variety of topics, including fares, topping up, its functionality across a number of modes of transport, and a multitude of frequently asked questions.

A contributor to the Film Production forum, shnaek, had great news to share this month. Their film, Beyond the Woods, is getting a VOD and DVD release!

In other film news, Mr E put together the very useful Irish Movie Release Calendar for releases up until the end of April. While the thread is dated 2014, clicking on the Individual Entries calendar will bring you to the updated calendar. Now we just have to bookmark time to see all of these releases!

The Boards Golf Society went to Carton House last weekend for its second outing of the year. If you're interested in joining the Golf Society, have a read of the rules and PM Seve OB with your details, such as handicap.

Finally, DeVore provided an update about the Santa Strike Force, breaking down some of the bits and pieces that money raised will be going towards. As DeVore said, while it's great to see such an extensive list of items going to good causes, it's also quite sad to see that some things that might be thought of as basic are required.