Hi all

I am just starting a thread in relation to Hallwell Park, Adamstown, Lucan, as I haven't really been able to find out much information online about the development (bar the usual promotional material etc.).

I've noticed that some of the other developments in the Adamstown SDZ (Somerton, Gandon Park, Shackleton Park etc.) have similar threads so I thought this would be useful for anyone who has purchased in the estate or is thinking of doing so (like me!).

I recently viewed the show houses and I was impressed. From the site plan, the estate looks like it will be well laid out and will be bounded by Tubber Lane to the north and the Adamstown Drive Road. As there is so much development in the estate and the wider area, I did find it tough to visualise what the overall area will look like once construction and infrastructure works are completed. I did see that a park is proposed to go in adjacent to the estate, which is good.

I'd be interested to hear from anybody who has already purchased in the estate to know their initial experiences or to know what issues (if any) have arisen to date in relation to the development or the wider area (eg. levels/location of social housing, proposed traveller accommodation in the locality, proposed schools/shops, public transport issues).