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31-08-2012, 11:44   #1
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Refunds and Direct Debits

Hi eflow

I have cancelled my Direct Debit with my bank as I want to use up the remaining credits on my tag before closing the account altogether but somehow you are able to present the details to my bank and take my money because you presented it as a fresh DD agreement.

When I called your call centre you said hey, no problem we'll refund that money for you, which was brilliant.

Except it'll be by cheque and will take 30 days.... I'm sorry, come again?

30days? seriously, 30 days?

So I said to the girl, why not just reverse the direct debit or just do an fund transfer and her response was that that's just your process.

Long and short of it is I want to know why you can take my money by direct debit because it suits you, but to refund my money you choose the most awkward method possible and then put a ridiculous timeframe on it.

Firstly cheques are outdated, a fund transfer is much more efficient, you know this because you choose to take the money by Direct Debit, and you won't accept cheques as payment of the pre-paid accounts.

Secondly, in what universe does it take 30 days for a cheque to be issued?

So in summery, I cancelled my Direct Debit with the bank but you took my money anyway on the 30th August (this is despite sending me a letter dated the 21st acknowledging the cancellation and then asking to add a new payment method IF I was not cancelling the account). When I complain about this I am told a refund is no problem, except that I have to wait a month to get the cheque, and then because it is a cheque another 5-10 working days for the thing to clear for a potential 40 day wait altogether. It suits you to use the most efficient collection means, but not to use it to give the money back.

Why can't you refund by Electronic Fund Transfer in this day and age? and why does it take 30 days to issue a cheque?

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31-08-2012, 12:01   #2
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Hi Avien,

I can have a look into this for you and see why this has happened, would you be able to send me on your account details via PM, can you include your eFlow account number and the name, address and phone number on the account. I can then investigate this for you.

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