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20-01-2020, 07:47   #1
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Bike fitting question

Hi all - I've never done a bike fit of any description so I'm thinking of doing one.

Question is that I have four / five bikes and with the exception of one main bike, I use the other four almost equally (main bike, winter bike, parents house, in-laws and a bike I use on the turbo trainer). They are all either a 54 or 56 and I'd say all of them fit me - I've tended to just set the saddle to a height that feels ok and never look at anything on the fit again.

I have some small niggles, no major discomfort but they could probably all do with a few tweaks.

Is a bike fit any good in this context? I'd only intend to bring one with me, I could possibly bring the winter bike too but the others are in different countries. Do they normally give you some sort of measurement that you could use to get the same position / a similar one on another bike?
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20-01-2020, 08:57   #2
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I havent done one - but are they niggles from cycling, or could it possibly be down to other factors (desk job for example).

I think I'd be tempted to start with a good physio in these circumstances (but I'd also be interested to hear from others that have done a bike fit)
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20-01-2020, 09:06   #3
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i've never had a bike fit, but maybe as a first step you could check the bikes you have for consistency - i.e. is the saddle height roughly consistent, reach, etc.
might be good to know in case you find one bike more comfortable than another, to try to standardise the measurements?
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20-01-2020, 10:22   #4
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I've done a bike fit on one bike - I just try to match that across them. Might take a couple of tweaks until it feels right. I did mine with Aidan Hammond, and I think he gives the option to fit several bikes in a session, obviously increases the cost as it increases the time. He gives a spreadsheet of your fit.

Saddle height has been the main thing for me. I got fitted on my defy, so only recently I did end up flipping the stem on my TCR, so cover up my lack of core strength a bit longer.

My uneducated guess, based upon myself, would be most niggles are lack of core strength and lack of glutes/ glutes firing rather than really the fit.

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20-01-2020, 10:59   #5
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I had a bike fit, brought 3 bikes and 3 pairs of shoes to be adjusted, one bike was the main culprit, causing grief, stem was too long, a few saddle adjustments too, cleats were slightly adjusted too.

Trying to eliminate as many causes helps as you get older and stretching exercises too
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20-01-2020, 16:36   #6
The Noble Nudge
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Try Gary in Cycle Superstore he is doing the Retul fit..
He fitted me on one bike and then gives you your measurements you can use them to adjust the other bikes
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22-01-2020, 14:06   #7
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I had one done a few months ago with Dave in Altitude in Waterford. He sent me all the measurements afterward so it should be fairly straightforward to replicate it on the other bike, though of course I haven't done so yet as it's comfortable enough. I have a Brooks Cambium to go back on it that needs a bit of work done to remove the abrasiveness that was doing in shorts so I might have a look at it at that point
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