I got home to find the broadband down, no lights on the router (F2000). There is 240V at the socket, and the routers PSU is outputting 12V DC.

So I called eir and they think the router is dead, and are sending a replacement unit next week. My neighbour kindly gave me an old router he had (D1000 model I think), as he has changed to sky so I plugged that in to see if I could get it working. I called eir back, but they're away for the evening. I reset the unit to factory default, but it won't connect and the DSL light is not lighting up.

Do I have to call eir to enable/setup this router? Can I change anything in the connections tab to get it going? I have attached a screen grab of same.

I removed the faceplate of the eir wall socket checked the voltage on the incoming line and it is a steady 1.997 VDC, does this seem about right? I thought the incoming phone line voltage would be about 50 V or so..