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It's a fiver in some cases a bit more in other counties. A percentage of it will go to the county board of your county who have very little income currently - don't see what people are complaining about tbh. Yeah if you compare it to professional sports subscription packages it's not amazing but why get stressed about that. People are gagging for a bit of GAA championship action - it's actually here!!! I'm on a pitch this weekend with my own club and everyone is delighted to be playing championship ball. Would have said very little chance of that even 2 months ago. Pay if you want no one is forcing you.
Because it's over priced. €6+ for a Junior match!! €8 in Clare! €10 in Tipperary! It doesn't do anyone any good if people won't pay prices because it's too expensive. The club/county get nothing out of that and it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.