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Originally Posted by Purple Mountain View Post
I used to have the teeth dreams too. They'd all come loose one by one and I could just pick them out.
I also frequently have had dreams about being chased by bulls and having to scale a wall to escape them.
Any amateur psychologists out there??
The teeth dream is basically a vanity dream to do with looks, most people won't smile or laugh if they missing some delph(teeth/tooth.)
Whether it be a bull or tiger or lion represents whatever fear you have, hence you being chased and getting away. Which means your one step ahead of your fears.
I think I'm in the right ballpark with these answers. Or I could be full of bullsh!t. Make what you want out of it. Because their your dreams not mine.
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My car is stolen and I have to go into a rough estate to retrieve it with rough fellas staring at me from high rise balcony's.and me a shivering wreck...don't know what that means
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Not anymore...
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Nuclear war and atomic bombs being dropped, seeing mushroom clouds in the distance. Not sure why but it's something I've had reoccurring dreams about for most of my life. Generally it can be quite terrifying.

Have a slightly less scary one where I'm back in school and for whatever reason, still haven't gotten my leaving cert and have to do the final few years again as an adult.

Tend to wake up and for a split second think it's reality, then get a massive wave of relief when I realise I did my leaving cert almost 20 years ago!
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I have reoccurring dreams where I am searching.
Can be a hotel room, a missing animal, a person, wallet,keys....
They last for ages, its never proper sleep...
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For about 4 years I had a recurring dream that I was shopping for shirts with Brendan Gleason in Cleary’s menswear section. Sometimes we made it as far as buying shirts, sometimes we didn’t.

Sometimes I’d have the dream every couple of nights, then I’d go weeks without having it. It was bizarre. I don’t usually have lucid dreams, but the detail in the “Brendan Gleeson dream” was crystal clear. Brendan always wanted patterned shirts and I always wanted solid colours.

Haven’t had the dream in years, no idea why it started or stopped.
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Yep...falling, tornadoes, nuclear explosions, airplanes crashing ( had these for years but none lately) - my late father and mother as well.

Last edited by JupiterKid; 02-08-2020 at 01:37.
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I'm always dreaming about being chased by something, whether it be a gang of criminals, a bear, snskes or whatever. It always happens in early morning. I seem to be able to get away and then relax and the suddenly I'm getting chased again.
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Originally Posted by Pherekydes View Post
I have recurring dreams, if that's any use?
I knew it didn't look right.
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Everyone in mayo let’s a big sigh
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Often. I dream about everything, but usually in a familiar setting.

So, if I have had an argument with my boyfriend, lost a sock, achieved something in work, saw a leaf on the stairs, or enjoyed some orange juice, I will dream about it, but in this specific setting. It's a bit weird, but usually quite calm, so I enjoy my dream world. I remember a few of my dreams when I wake up, but God knows what went on in the ones which I forget!

Have had lucid dreams occasionally, which are AMAZING. But I do get the very bad dreams a few times a year, which are set in the familiar setting, except everything is disturbing.

Also my dreams seem to go on for ages, and sometimes I figure out something out along the way which relates to something in real life - usually work, but once a password that I had forgotten.
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01-08-2020, 21:06   #27
cj maxx
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Originally Posted by Dtp1979 View Post
Everyone in mayo let’s a big sigh
Ye had a dream you lost the final, oh wait ;(
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Capt'n Midnight
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Originally Posted by Bobblehats View Post
Only recurring theme is that they are invariably nuts
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Purple Mountain
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I'm glad sleep paralysis was touched on here because I thought it only happened to me and I never knew there was a name on it.
It has happened infrequently to me since I was a teenager, maybe 3 times a year. Always just falling asleep, never upon waking and it's always the intruder hallucinations. I could swear blind there are shadows or creatures on my walls.
I actually have to sleep with a hallway light on because I notice that when it's happening it's usually when I'm in a pitch black room.
It's happened a few times when staying at friends and I've woken up shouting in distress saying there's someone in the room. I don't think I get paralysed per se, it's more vivid hallucinations just upon dropping off.
I can literally 'see' my bedroom even though my eyes are closed if that makes sense.
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Badly Drunk Boy
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I go through phases. I'll have the same dream or a variant of it and then I'm grand.

Originally Posted by RMAOK View Post
I never remember any of my dreams.
Said every psychopath ever (and my brother).
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