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30-07-2020, 22:24   #16
Princess Consuela Bananahammock
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Nuclear war.
A ten second clip of a black and white movie with giant spiders in it.
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30-07-2020, 22:24   #17
Rodney Bathgate
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30-07-2020, 22:26   #18
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1930s king kong movie I saw when I was 4 or 5, and in particular this scene (55 seconds in) where kong gets mad and stamps on someone. Had nightmares for years about it
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30-07-2020, 22:29   #19
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Nuclear war for me too, and I was in my 30s when I first saw Threads. Imagine if I'd seen it back in 1984! I'd have been a gibbering wreck!
Industrial Schools. Used to get threatened with being sent to one by my family. I had a fear of convent buildings for a long time, there are one or two that, when I pass them, I feel a bit queasy.
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My grandmother telling us youngsters grizzly stories of the Banshees flying about during the night time summer storms down at coastal Wexford.

Anytime I hear a severe storm brewing I always remember her.
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30-07-2020, 22:32   #21
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I thought a man was going to come and take me away for misbehaving.
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30-07-2020, 22:32   #22
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The whole Mirror Pension Fund debacle

Vampire Danny Glick hovering at the window in Salem's Lot
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30-07-2020, 22:33   #23
Signore Fancy Pants
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Originally Posted by snoopsheep View Post
the banshee in darby o gill
Fcuk yeah!
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30-07-2020, 22:33   #24
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I watched an old black and white version of The Phantom of the Opera one afternoon when I was a kid.....scared the sh1t of of me for years.
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30-07-2020, 22:34   #25
Day Lewin
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I read the book "Dracula" when I was about 12.
The scenes where little black dots dance in the moonlight and then coalesce into a bat outside the window....I couldn't sleep for weeks.
Always imagined that image when ever I'd see the moon through a window. Gives me the creeps to this day.
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30-07-2020, 22:35   #26
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30-07-2020, 22:38   #27
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Originally Posted by JupiterKid View Post
Monsters under the bed?
The Boogeyman that lived in the wardrobe?
The thunder and lightning on a stormy night?
All of those.

Also, when my mother said "wait til your father comes home..."

I knew I was in big trouble.
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30-07-2020, 22:38   #28
Uncle Pierre
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Nuclear war did it for me too. I was 11 back in 1983 when RTE showed a TV movie called 'The Day After', that had caused sensation in the US. I didn't watch it, but even the trailers for it freaked me out at the thought that it could really happen.

I remember reading a book around the same time, called "World's Greatest Predictions" or something like that, where there was a chapter about how somebody (not Nostradamus!) was predicting the world would end in 1999. It terrified me too, and I tried to convince myself that I'd at least have 16 years to forget about it, but I still remember it to this day.

Then about a year later, the first horror movie I saw was the original Salem's Lot, with this scene:

I still don't like sleeping in a room with the curtains open!
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30-07-2020, 22:40   #29
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Around the Twist.
Surely they were outta their boxes when they were writing it
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30-07-2020, 22:41   #30
Atlantic Dawn
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AIDS, there was misinformed crooked ads on tv saying you could catch it from all sorts, made you paranoid, I suppose the Covid of its day.
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