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28-06-2020, 17:39   #1
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America Pre/Post 9/11

Sort of similar to the colonial Africa thread. Many American friends of mine aged 30-50 have said that the US change vastly (mostly for the worse) after September 11th 2001. They say that the country was not perfect but not as paranoid, more stable etc..

Apart from tightening rules on aviation and a war on terror, what actually changed from 9/11 and did it change for the worse or better?
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01-07-2020, 18:59   #2
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After 9-11 it changed for the worst. Patriot Act, Secret courts, more spying on Americans, The use of “contractors” ( 40 years ago they would have been called mercenaries) and the bloody endless “war on Terror"

And for what. Take Afghanistan for example.

The US has been there since 2001. kicked the Taliban out of power, fought them for 19 years and is now trying to make a peace deal with the very same Taliban.
I think trump is right, get the hell out. Enough is enough.
A few years from now, it will not matter who will be in the white house, the Taliban will be power in Kabul, ruling with an iron fist.
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06-07-2020, 20:00   #3
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As an American, the only big change since 9/11 has probably affected most other advanced countries as well--security protocols put in place due to the ongoing threat of terrorism. Flying is where it is most evident for the average person but security is much increased at government buildings and facilities as well. That would be on the state and federal levels, not much at all on the local level. It's very depressing but very necessary.

New York City is particularly locked down as every bad guy on earth seems to have my home town in its sights. As a teenager going into the city, we always stopped to 'make a visit' at St Patrick's Cathedral. Now there is heavy security. We used to walk in and out of the UN building just to feel that electric international atmosphere of delegates from every corner of the world. Anyone came and went. Not any more.

As a college student in Washington DC in the 1960s, most government buildings were wide open. I walked into the Capital building and right up to the door of the House of Representatives to ask the doorkeeper to get my congressman. I wasn't even old enough to vote. Out he came, not happy but a required duty of office. I cannot conceive of such a thing happening now.

Many changes happened before 9/11 but that date will live in infamy as changing life forever.
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