Hi everyone I’m really hoping some teachers/ student teachers will be able to give me some guidance. So I have an undergraduate degree in social science and since graduating have spent the last two years working with people with special needs and have also been subbing in some special schools. I have decided I want to go back and study teaching and eventually study in a special school, because of the cost of going back to college I would ideally prefer a part time course both St Nicholas Montessori degree and Hibernia Pme offer this. Some people have recommended the st Nicholas Montessori degree to me as you will be a registered primary teacher for special schools at the end of it and that there is more of a focus on teaching in special schools within the course I can also get advanced entry into year two or three because of my undergrad I am leaning more towards this degree at the moment because I am not strong in Irish and I know there is a huge emphasis on this in the pme and I don’t plan on working in a mainstream school can anybody please advise me on this? I just don’t want to be at a disadvantage in interviews if I do the st Nicholas degree and have also heard that if a school needs to reduce numbers those with a Montessori degree are the first to go even if they’ve been there longer Is this true? Any advice or experience would be so gratefully appreciated thank you