Hi, I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea last week. 36 AHI an hour. Am going in to the sleep clinic next Sunday to start the CPAP. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts or suggestions for me on a couple of things. I have looked up a few bits and pieces here and there but am so tired I can’t take in the information at the moment.

Is it worth getting a wearable device such as an Apple Watch to monitor sleep and other events during my sleep? The consultant’s secretary said to me last week that some people get CPAP machines with all the bells and whistles and pay a lot more every month for it, whereas from the sleep clinic POV most of the extra data the machines record isn’t of any use to the sleep clinic. She said some features like WIFI can be of benefit especially if you go away a bit and if you ran in to problems. My thinking is I’d like to see for myself how things are going over night and that getting a tracker would then mean being able to get a cheaper machine to rent. Would this be reasonable?

I’ve put on quite a lot of weight recently and have not been able to get rid of it. Consultant said once I get going on the CPAP I should be able to loose the weight much easier. I’ve also had back surgery and have become quite stiff so I think the Apple Watch or something similar would be useful anyway for trying to get fit again.

Any suggestions on definite items I should get with the machine? Humidifier? Ramping? Any other suggestions would be great. I can’t wait to feel normal again as I’m running on fumes at the moment!