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26-04-2019, 22:28   #76
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Yer wan the lesbian that won the rise of Tralee is a fg MEP candidate in midlands north west.

She’s a nice looking lady.
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26-04-2019, 22:40   #79
Richard Hillman
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Originally Posted by Zorya View Post
Apologies for a picture heavy post, and apologies that I haven't a clue which party these people represent, but I've put together my Dream Team for delectable electables.

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26-04-2019, 22:42   #80
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Originally Posted by Muahahaha View Post
Grace Tallon definitely a looker alright but going by this picture she aint got much height

Heights fine but heads not flat enough to balance the bottle/glass.
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26-04-2019, 22:55   #81
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Originally Posted by freshpopcorn View Post
In my area these are the best two!
She's in her fifties and always looks good out and about. He's new but he's the best. (If I had to pick the best looking fella.)
He looks a bit like David O'Leary lol
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26-04-2019, 23:06   #82
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Originally Posted by lbc2019 View Post
He looks a bit like David O'Leary lol
His name is William O'Leary!
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26-04-2019, 23:39   #83
Church on Tuesday
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Originally Posted by freshpopcorn View Post
His name is William O'Leary!
The plot thickens...
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26-04-2019, 23:52   #84
Yer Da sells Avon
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Originally Posted by odyssey06 View Post
what no cap? How do we know shes a healy rae?
She's not a proper Healy Rae. It's primarily transmitted through the male genes, like a horrific hereditary disease.
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26-04-2019, 23:54   #85
The Rape of Lucretia
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Originally Posted by View Post
This thread is inappropriate in the #metoo era.
The realpolitik is though thats its what matters in local elections. Its not like who is elected is going to make any difference. So hotness is not a bad criteria, and has worked well in the past.

Adopting a different approach myself this year though, inspired by that hard hitting journalistic journal that is thejournal :

88% in their pole want election posters banned.

So am going to vote with that in mind : if I recognise a candidate on the ballet paper by their photo from election posters, then they are disqualified. Anyone whose name/photo I am seeing that I cannot link with any or minimal election posters will get the preference.
I urge all to follow this policy. Hit politicians where it hurts - in the failed candidates - and will get the message that they need to stop polluting the landscape with their mugs.
(the occasional hottie might get away with it, but we dont really object to those ones).
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27-04-2019, 00:05   #86
Roger Hassenforder
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Originally Posted by theguzman View Post

Maura Healy-Rae, Daughter of Danny Healy-Rae TD, she is a Councillor for Kerry and quite a looker at that.
I'd fill her pothole. Fnarr

I dont think im doing this right
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27-04-2019, 00:06   #87
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Katie Murphy - a 20 year old student from Schull running for FG in the Cork Co Co elections.

Her main claim for fame is that she's a grandaughter of former TD Michael Pat Murphy and the daughter of a former county councillor of the same name.

Three cheers for the new politics!
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27-04-2019, 00:08   #88
Yer Da sells Avon
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27-04-2019, 00:11   #89
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Originally Posted by alchemist33 View Post
Had to work to find a pic that would directly link, but Cara Hunter is up for the SDLP up north

(proof: )
Norn Iron unionist here. Where do I sign up for the united ireland? Lol.
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27-04-2019, 00:15   #90
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Anybody whos brave enough to put themselves up with a face like that gets my vote.
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