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26-04-2019, 17:35   #1
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Two nineteen Local Election hotties

Its that time again where every five years AH gets to decide who they will be voting for on a purely superficial basis.

Rebecca Moynihan, Labour, running for Dublin City Council

Ciara McPhilips,Fine Gael, running for Monaghan Co.Council

Grace Tallon, Labour, running for Dun Laoighire Rathdown

Claire Byrne, Green, running for Dublin City Council

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26-04-2019, 17:40   #2
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Pics without make up and airbrushing and I'll make a more informed decision. Just like most polllies policies all style so let's see the substance.
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26-04-2019, 17:41   #3
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Point is what will they do for you to get your vote?

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26-04-2019, 17:42   #4
Matt Barrett
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Maybe office hot.

Office Hot. New Word Suggestion. A person in a office work environment that seems attractive in relation to the other members of the same sex in that office when outside the office environment they would be deemed to be not as attractive or not "hot".
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26-04-2019, 17:50   #5
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Gary Gannon of the Social Democrats tops my vote on the looks front.

...and I DO like his policies.

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26-04-2019, 18:49   #6
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Apologies for a picture heavy post, and apologies that I haven't a clue which party these people represent, but I've put together my Dream Team for delectable electables.

And last but certainly not least - chosen for her stunning bouffant....

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26-04-2019, 18:52   #7
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I seen a couple on posters around Tallaght the other day but I can't remember names. Tallon wins anyway regardless.
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26-04-2019, 18:52   #8
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No point in picking and choosing ... if you're a taxpayer, you're going to get screwed by all of 'em.
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26-04-2019, 18:52   #9
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Originally Posted by Zorya View Post
Apologies for a picture heavy post, and apologies that I haven't a clue which party these people represent, but I've put together my Dream Team for delectable electables.

And last but certainly not least - chosen for her stunning bouffant....

They look like guards or priests
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26-04-2019, 18:55   #10
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Originally Posted by Mad_maxx View Post
They look like guards or priests
But not the lady surely?
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26-04-2019, 18:59   #12
Mena Mitty
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There's at least one with the Kennedy political dynasty smile or snigger depending what part of the country you hail from.
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26-04-2019, 18:59   #13
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Hmm Id be prejudiced against the hotties of either gender on the basis that they might be coasting by on their looks but ugly people dont have that option!
We need someone looks like they wouldnt be bothered about their hair getting messed up changing a tyre.
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26-04-2019, 19:00   #14
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The scale of sexiness in politics goes from, hot to cold, right to left.
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26-04-2019, 19:02   #15
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Originally Posted by Zorya View Post
But not the lady surely?
Which one is the lady?
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