To add to this discussion. I got a regular square flat pack composter a few years ago, buried it a third of the way into a large hole already half-filled with stone chippings and backfilled around it. It is set back a good distance from the house.

Since then, every bit of unwanted food waste along with some paper and torn up cardboard has gone into it. There is only myself and my wife, so it isn't a huge amount of food waste- we don't eat a lot of meat between us but do eat dairy and that is potentially a source of bad smells etc.. We had one visit from rodents early on, I compacted a bit more stone and the problem vanished. It works absolutely great- no additives, just add a bit of extra water in the summer (the washing up water) and we make sure there is a bit of paper going in also.

Absolutely no smells or other nuisances. The one thing to be clear about- it is really just a cheap food digester- I haven't had to empty it in over six years now, I don't turn the contents or do anything else to it and the waste just continuously reduces in bulk to the point that it never actually fills. With more food we would just need to put another composter to increase capacity but otherwise it seems to be foolproof. So our entire food waste disposal cost for six years is €30.

I compost our green waste separately (pallets/New Zealand composter) and that is what I use as the source of compost in the garden.