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08-10-2011, 14:58   #1
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insurance quote

hi there ,i tried to get a quote,i email u,and rang u,left a voice mail,and nobody contacted me
can u please check,my name cristinel stefan for 97d291,starlet,ph: 0873261911
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10-10-2011, 14:47   #2
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Insurance Quote

Hi Cris03cris,

Thanks for the tread. I got the Car team to go through the messages for the weekend and they confirmed to me that never received a voice mail or an email from you. I also got on to the company that look after our phones to see if they could pull your number in case it slipped through undetected, but they confirmed the same to me.

I just also want to clarify that we do not work at the weekends. When you ring the Quote Devil number, this is the first thing mentioned, the office hours etc, we work Monday to a Thursday/9am to 6pm and on Friday 9am to 5pm.

But the main thing is that we are now looking after you and of course will do our very best to get the best premium and cover for you.

Thanks for the tread again,

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