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12-01-2020, 16:23   #16
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I got 70 in S3 and 67 overall and I used Des and disagree that it's useless. Seems to be something a lot of people say though.

If you have Des and have a bit of time to prepare, doing Des can be useful to find holes in your knowledge and getting used to the speed at which you need for work for S3.

For example, I found that my physics was weak from Des, so I went to Khan Academy to brush up on concepts. Remember that you ought to save your ACER materials (sample questions etc) for later study because when you have done the papers once, they really lose their worth.

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05-02-2020, 22:02   #17
Urethra Franklin.
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Asking for advice. I have sat the GAMSAT twice-Sept 18 & Mar 19. I got a 55 and 58 respectively. I received an offer for UL last year and turned it down as I wasnt sure if it was something I wanted, I am quite good friends with a doctor and she hates it-shes perhaps the nicest calmest person I have ever met and she told me a story one day how she got so frustrated and angry trying to book a patient a test they needed that she ended up throwing the phone against the wall! She, and other doctors I know have agreed that what makes a good doctor doesnt seem to be caring about the patients, or even have a lot of medical knowledge but moreso being a competitive bully whose able to get sh.t done, even if it means screwing other people over....thats not me. I know a few doctors, and it seems true, they actually all hate their jobs, but the ones hate it the least are tough, somewhat intimidating people, who make sure they get what they want. So I am very on edge and not sure if medicine is for me. However I like having the option open to me, incase I get some epiphany between now and August .

However, I have lived on the west coast of Ireland all my life and want to move to Dublin. Moving to Limerick...well it disheartens me. I don't want to do it. However I am pretty certain I wont get an offer for Dublin with only 58 points. I dont know if I should resit the GAMSAT? Its on my mind, however I dont think I have enough time to prepare-I work full time. Does anyone have any opinions? I can still register until the 10th. I just have to pay a late fee-I really dont think I will be able to beat the 58-when I got that score I had studied for the GAMSAT a few months previous-its been a year since I sat it this time, Ive probably forgotten everything!
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07-02-2020, 20:37   #18
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Here’s my two cents if it helps.

Being a doctor comes with frustrations for sure. But so do a lot of other challenging careers. I worked in a totally different stratosphere in my career before medicine and the frustrations you mentioned about being happy/success applied equally. You had to not give a sh*t about anything but yourself and bully people around you to climb ahead. And the smartest people unfortunately don’t always win.

Medicine has high rates of burn out without a doubt. The doctors I spoke to before I started studying that were miserably unhappy were all leaving cert direct entry medicine students - please don’ t get me wrong thinking that this is the direct cause of them being unhappy (and I only spoke to a very small subset of doctors). However I do wonder if the reality is that medicine is tough and frustrating - but so are other demanding careers. I know this because I’ve had another career and have seen it on the other side. I wasn’t saving people’s lives but there were things that had to get done or things would go wrong. Some of the complaint you noted are frustrations for smart, driven people regardless of career. But in my personal opinion, I would rather be frustrated being a doctor than frustrated being anything else. And there are a lot of amazing things about being a doctor too.

Also, studying medicine is a major grind, starting almost day one from how much you need to learn - the studying is endless. I can’t imagine studying medicine with any doubt in my mind that being a doctor is the one thing I really want to do.

So really the question is do you really, really want to be a doctor - if the answer is yes then go for it. The reward completely outweighs the frustration in my opinion.

You are clearly capable. Good luck in what you decide to do.
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13-02-2020, 17:24   #19
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Originally Posted by RoundPony View Post
Here’s my two cents if it helps.

However I do wonder if the reality is that medicine is tough and frustrating - but so are other demanding careers.
I agree with this sentiment one million percent. There's loads of other tough careers out there. I have mates who work in finance and while they may be handsomely rewarded, they work long hours and have frustrations of their own. I have mates who work on building sites, as farmers, as Vets, as teachers. Each have their own difficulties and advantages. I think doctors are too quick to feel that their career is the hardest of the lot.

There's also huge variability between jobs and hospitals. There's some really cushy non medical jobs in the peripheral hospitals and there's some terribly busy jobs e.g. cardiology interns anywhere, med regs anywhere. But it's not all work work work with no breaks. I've gotten out at 5 a hell of a lot more times than I had to work after it.

Personally, I love it. You meet so many people, see so many interesting things, have good fun along the way (intern year was my most enjoyable working year ever). Granted it's tough and medical school was really tough for me but I persevered and it's definitely better this side of it.
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06-03-2020, 13:34   #20
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so its in UCD this year instead of RCSI?
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10-03-2020, 19:19   #21
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Any chance that someone can send me practice test 3 if possible? Would greatly appreciate it
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12-03-2020, 12:14   #22
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Needless to say, the gamsat will not be happening next week?
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12-03-2020, 20:42   #23
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Originally Posted by Tacadh View Post
Needless to say, the gamsat will not be happening next week?
There's another thread started on this - Coronavirus - Gamsat MARCH 2020 - but basically yeah, it's looking like it definitely won't be on in March, but there is hope it'll be rescheduled for those of us hoping for 2020 entry!
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