As some of the regulars in this forum will be aware, for some time now, user MECH1 has been operating a comprehensive LiveATC feed for the Dublin area that is available to users of the LiveATC site. There are no fees for the use of the service, but for the provider, Pat, there have been and still are regular and significant maintenance and operational costs that have been putting increasing pressure on his household budget.

Some while back, a facility to make a Paypal payment to MECH1 was set up, and this has helped reduce the impact of the costs.

Now, due to changing circumstances, the LiveATC feed has to cover the costs, or it will be forced to close. To help with this, a new funding system using Patreon has been set up, and this will allow regular users to make an ongoing donation to help cover the costs of the hardware maintenance, and the operating costs.

To clarify:-

Paypal donations can be made at

Patreon repetitive donations can be made at

A number of users have made donations in recent days, and this has meant that the immediate future of the feed has been secured.

It would be nice if regular users of the LiveATC feed would consider a small regular donation to ensure that there is a reserve fund available to allow MECH1 to be able to source spares and avoid any disruption to what has become recognised as a useful resource to the aviation community.