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25-01-2020, 20:40   #271
Pawwed Rig
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Your outlook on life changes significantly as you get older. The me in my 20's 20 years ago is a completely different animal to the me in my mid 40's.
My teens and 20s were a rough time for me. I had little confidence and a very poor self image along with a tendency towards depression.
20 years on I am still the same me but without the confidence issues and the self image issues as tbh I stopped giving a crap what other people thought about me. The depression still comes and goes but I am better able to deal with it now by keeping busy etc.
I wish I could talk to my teenage self and give some advise.
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03-02-2020, 10:45   #272
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Originally Posted by LoughNeagh2017 View Post
I most likely will die via own hands in 30 years when i am in 50's. I cannot guarantee that though as who knows what pills will be on the market at that time. As things stand i only intend to live for as long as parents live as it would be a cruel thing to die whilst they are alive. I don't have the mental strength, personality or skills to survive in this world. Just think about it logically, I will be in my 50s, all alone and broken by the world and still faced with another 10-15 years of work, why should i have to suffer through that? I can understand why it would be wrong for a man with children to kill themselves but why would it be wrong for a loner? The funny thing is the neighbours will probably say "It was a rash decision" yet I would have had it planned for 30 years.

Pills are not the answer in my opinion, talking is. I think the importance of talking to a professional about what you're feeling is as important as taking medication. Medication is important as it can help with fatigue, irritability etc but in reality the depression or suicidal thoughts are still there but are being suppressed. The key to finding out why you feel this way is to talk and keep talking until you come to terms with it.

I myself are currently going through a very rough time and have suicidal thoughts almost every day. I have spent my life depressed going back to my childhood and this depression has taken on many forms and in some ways made worse by the actions of others to "help" me.

It is only in the last 12 months I have decided to do something about it after having a huge realisation which is probably the most dramatic step ill ever take. I have lost family and time with my child over it and while these steps have brought on these thoughts of self harm, I feel like a I am in control of my destiny to an extent. These thoughts are from my own actions rather than the input of others. I am trying to work towards a better life where my happiness is genuine rather than happiness through materialistic things or an imposed happiness. Life is there to be enjoyed and not to be enjoyed because you should.
Talking to a professional although expensive has helped me no end. Without that support and in my case this was my only support unfortunately I would be dead, i've no doubt of that.
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30-05-2020, 16:53   #273
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The number of women dying by suicide increased by almost 50 per cent last year compared with 2018, new figures show.

The data from a Central Statistics Office (CSO) report published on Friday shows 104 females died by suicide in 2019, compared with 70 the year before - an increase of 48.5 per cent.

CSO figures show 80 women also died in 2017 and 81 died in 2016.

There were 421 deaths by suicide last year, of which 317 were among males - an increase of 12 per cent from 282 in 2018.

The number of suicides last year represents an almost 20 per cent increase on 2018, when 352 were recorded. That had represented a decline, after the 392 recorded in 2017 and 399 in 2016.
Among the 421 deaths by suicide were three in the five years to 14 years age-group, 90 among 35 to 44-year-olds and two among people aged 85 or older.
For help call: Samaritans Free Call 116 123 or Pieta House 1800 247 247
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