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21-05-2020, 20:34   #1
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Help with a maths question please

The diagram shows a ladder leaning against a vertical wall. The ladder stands on horizontal ground. The length of the ladder is 225 cm. The ladder is safe to use when the angle marked y is 75 degrees.

a) Is the ladder safe to use when it is 70 cm from the base of the house?
b) How far from the base of the house the foot of the ladder is placed when it is in a safe position? Give your answer to the nearest cm.
c) What is the height the ladder can reach up the wall when it is in a safest position? Give your answer in cm.
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21-05-2020, 23:42   #2
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Use this page to remind you how to do it:

Your ladder is the hypotenuse, 225cm.

The wall of the house (opposite your 75 degree angle at the bottom of the ladder) is perpendicular to the ground, so the angle at the top of the ladder is 15 degrees, since all the angles in a triangle add up to 180.

Now you have 2 angles and a side and should be able to solve it.
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