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03-05-2018, 12:12   #616 Lindell
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Originally Posted by banie01 View Post
Originally Posted by Lindell View Post
Could you please give me your order number please? as well as your email address.
My order number is W1804040810208998 and I have forwarded my email via PM.
Thank you, I will try my best to help, and you will receive the message from our customer service soon. Maybe on today/tomorrow, because it is a little bit late in China now. Lindell is offline  
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All gone a bit quiet in here.
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Just noticed gearbest 100% posting fake revies on a product

I've been checking this page often, there was 0 reviews the past few weeks. Suddenly 4 reviews appeared from months ago before the laptop was even released and just read them, the most obvious fake reviews ever to try convince people to buy it. I can see why, since this laptop is $570 in China and they are charging $699
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