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13-07-2018, 10:34   #1
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One of the fundamentals of many fighting games, and now there's a game bearing the same name. Saw the tweet below and it looks interesting (though bare bones).

Available to download here:

Some game notes:
  • There is no health bar. The round is lost after being hit by special moves.
  • There is, however, guard bar. You can block opponent attack up to three times. After that, every attack will cause guard break.
  • There are two type of normal moves, neutral attack and forward/backward attack.
  • There are two type of special moves which can be performed by holding and then release attack button. One can be performed by neutral release, and forward/backward release for the other one.
  • If normal moves connect with the opponent, whether on hit or block, it can be canceled into neutral special move by pressing an attack button again.
  • Forward and backward dashes can be performed by pressing forward/backward twice.
  • Hitbox/hurtbox/frame information can be toggle on and off by pressing F12.
  • Press F1 to pause/resume the game. While pausing, pressing F2 will play the game for 1 frame.
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30-07-2018, 15:37   #2
Doctor DooM
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Gonna grab this. Would be a good side tournament at CT
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