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07-09-2016, 14:34   #61
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Yes working for me too! Able to see my great grandparents marriage certificate. Of course I already paid for a photocopy many years ago... So many €4s wasted! Little did I know...
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07-09-2016, 14:46   #62
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I'm not moaning yet but I've not had much success. I’ve the same captcha problems as above – plus a bit more
I have several GRO references from CLDS for the ‘name' or 'names combination’ so the certs giving parents’ names are needed to be certain I’ve the correct people. On the first one (an 1855 marriage) the groom’s record has come up with Vol and page number alnong with “There is currently no image to display. This may be because the record was registered or amended in a later year, or there are quality issues with the original image.” Trying under the wife’s name it gives the same register details but does not give any option to open an image. (an aside - It also is strange that each has a separate entry and there is no ‘combined’ one. I suspect the groom was RIC – would this have a bearing? C of I marriage perhaps?)
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07-09-2016, 14:51   #63
blue banana
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I don't think there are any marriage images for before 1882 online yet. Hopefully the one's that are not there today will become available tomorrow, but I'm still not certain about pre-1882 marriages
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07-09-2016, 15:02   #64
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Originally Posted by spuncy View Post
...just had to kinda go back in again...
That was it. Sorted now.
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07-09-2016, 15:31   #65
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I'm sooooo happy. I need to take a break, but I'm scared that it's all going to disappear in a puff of smoke once that nice busy body hears about it.
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07-09-2016, 15:53   #66
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I'm google-eyed now....
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07-09-2016, 16:18   #67
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Me too.
Might have to enforce no computers this evening.
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07-09-2016, 16:23   #68
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I'm not getting as much in the way of certs as others, for a few reasons:

*I spent far too much at the GRO
*I spent far too much at the IFHF (they have some transcripts for some counties I have relations in)
*It appears my fathers side of the family either didn't believe in actually getting married or someone never registered the weddings. From the 1880s to the 1920s so likely too long for one priest.
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07-09-2016, 16:27   #69
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Over the years, I prioritised direct ancestors, so I've gotten a huge amount of collateral family information today. Had always maintained a list of certs to get if funds were unlimited.
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07-09-2016, 17:07   #70
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A Newry registered birth - no image. Teething problems, will be up in time? I hope so.


A Cootehill registered death - no image. Just my luck! There are images missing for sure, so far anyway.

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07-09-2016, 18:07   #71
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Am turning goggle eyed
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07-09-2016, 18:52   #72
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1st World Problem alert

As good as it is having the certs, sometimes the penmanship of the registrars has you slightly wishing for the printed indices.
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07-09-2016, 19:01   #73
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Originally Posted by P_1 View Post
As good as it is having the certs, sometimes the penmanship of the registrars has you slightly wishing for the printed indices.

I get this in transcription too and then all of a sudden you come across someone whose writing is a delight to see.
You'd think a clear hand might have been a requirement of the job, especially back then when everything was written.
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07-09-2016, 19:56   #74
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These are not the original records, they are the copies sent to Dublin.

Which is why in the signature box you will see "his / her mark", because the informant couldn't write, but in the other boxes, where you would expect a signature, all the writing is the same, as it was copied down by the register.

So, in the millions or records sent to Dublin, could there have been a few mistakes? A page missing here or there?

See the bottom of image:

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07-09-2016, 20:26   #75
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I managed to get a few before lunch but haven't been back again to it yet. As another poster said, I've spent so many €4's over the years I could cry now. I hope to be able to get some more but the one record I've been chasing for the last seven years is still not appearing for me. Some of my father's mother's family don't have images yet, so all in all I'm a tad happy with what I have so far but still keeping my fingers crossed for more, and so jealous of all of you newbies who haven't forked out much money as yet!
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