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Charter and Useful Information

This forum is for the discussion of archery-related subjects, including techniques, equipment and events.
  • No flaming, trolling or personal abuse
  • No selling of equipment in the open forum (there's a specific sticky thread for that at the top of the forum here).
  • If you have a problem with a post, use the link () to report it to the moderators.
  • If you have a problem with the mods, PM them FIRST and then if necessary take it to the Feedback thread.
  • Bow hunting is illegal in Ireland so don't ask questions about it.

Thanks to oscarBravo for the nicely done charter.

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Clubs and College Clubs in IRELAND

Here is a list of all the current Archery Ireland clubs.

If you want contact details of any club please go to

An Ríocht Archery Club
John Mitchels GAA Club
Co. Kerry

Ardee Archery Club

Artemis Archers
National Learning Network, Hollyhill, Cork

Athboy Archery Club
Cloran Road,
Athboy Co Meath

Athenry Archers

Blackheath Archers
Irish Wheelchair Association Sports Hall
Blackheath Drive
Clontarf, Dublin 3
Furry Park
Dublin 9

Blanchardstown Archers

Cavan Archers

Cork Archers
Sports Cooperative
Curraheen Road

CuChulainn Archers


Linnan Hall
Bolton Street DIT
Dublin 1

Dolmen Archers
Ballon GAA Club
Co. Carlow

Dublin Archers
St Pauls School
Sybil Hill Road
Dublin 5
Plunkett College
Swords Road
Dublin 9

Dun Laoghaire Archers
UCD Sports Grounds

Enniscorthy Archery Club
Galbally Sports Hall,

Galway Archers
Dublin Road

Greenhills Archers
Tallaght Community School
Tymon North Road
Dublin 24

Kilkenny Archers
St Patrick’s Hall
Kells Road

Leixlip Archers
Leixlip Amenities Centre
Co. Kildare

Liffey Archers

Lir Archers
Columba Barracks,
Co. Westmeath.

Maiden City Archery Club
Sports Centre, Magee College (Uni of Ulster), Northland Rd, Derry
Practice: Wed nights, 7pm - 8.30pm

NUIG Archery Club

Portlick Archery
Portlick, Glasson, Westmeath, Ireland

Roscommon Archers

South East Archers
Arklow Gymnastics Centre,
Knockenrahan Industrial Estate,
Co. Wicklow.

Sportslink Archery and Crossbow Club
Furry Park
Dublin 8

Summerhill Archers
Martin Kelly Archery Range
Trim Road, Summerhill
Co. Meath




Whitefriar Archers

Wicklow Archers
Co. Wicklow.

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Here's a list of field archery clubs. These clubs are under the auspices of the Irish Field Archery Federation or the Society Of Irish Field Archers.

Cork: Willow Hill Archery Club. Phone 087 9964464, Black Dog Archers

Cavan: Cavan Instinctive Archery

Donegal: Donegal Archery Club

Kildare:Irish Archery Club.

Kilkenny:Warbow Archers.

Limerick: Limerick Yeomen

Longford: Littlewood Archers

Mayo: Mayo Archery Club

Meath: Loughcrew Archers

Northern Ireland: Banbridge, Lough Cuan Bowmen

Sligo: Carrowmore Archery Club

Waterford: Blue Arrows Field Archery Club, Na Laoch Dall Valley Bowmen

Wexford: Dunbrody Archers Wexford Archery Aos Dana

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College Clubs in Ireland

Here are a list of the 3rd level colleges currently with active archery clubs. The general eMail address of the Irish Student Archery Association (ISAA) is

Carlow IT



Dundalk IT




eMail: or


eMail: or

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ISAA Constitution

The titles, headings and marginal notes in this document are for the purpose of explanations only and do not form any part of this constitution. The singulars shall include the plurals, the masculine shall include the feminine and bodies corporate.

1. Name

I.The name shall be The Irish Student Archery Association (here on the Association)

2. Aims and Objectives:

I.To act as a governing body for third level archers
II.To promote and instil an abiding interest in all forms of Archery in Irish Third Level Institutions except for bow hunting.
III.To encourage and nurture the competitive aspect of the sport by means of, but not limited to, intervarsity competitions.
IV.To provide information for students and institutions on the sport through any available media and aid in the formation of new clubs.
V.To support and encourage a forum for discussion of ideas and problems and allow these to be communicated to the IAAA on behalf of the clubs involved in the Association.
VI.To provide a standard agreed format for intervarsity competitions.
VII.To aid the creation, selection and development of a national student team to compete at international level.
VIII.To actively seek sponsorship for the league and team in order to provide the best facilities possible for all involved.
IX.The association is affiliated to the IAAA

3. Members:

I.All third level institutions who shoot in the Intervarsity League are automatically members of the association
II.All members shall be bound by this constitution.

4. Governing Executive Committee:

I.The Association shall have a Governing Executive Committee (The Committee).
II.The Committee shall be the management structure of the Association
III.The Committee shall run the Association on behalf of its’ members and in accordance with the aims and objectives in article 2 and in the best interest of the sport.
IV.The Committee shall consist of persons, who where a full time student any time within the previous year, from third level institutions which entered an archer in at least half of the previous year’s Intervarsity League Competitions (IVs)
V.The Committee shall meet at their discretion, but at least four times in an academic year.
a.The quorum for such meeting shall be 2/3 of the Committee
b.Although decisions should be arrived at by the consensus of the Committee (where possible), Committee decisions shall be decided by majority voting.
c.All Committee members are required to attend at least two meetings a year. Those who fail to fulfil this requirement may be the subject of disciplinary proceedings at the discretion of the Committee
VI.The Committee shall consist of:
c.Public Relations Officer
d.Children’s Officer
f.Records officer
VII.The IAAA Student Representative (if they are not already a member of the committee) may also attend Committee meetings, however they will not have a vote.
VIII.A person may only hold one position on the committee at any time
a.Except in the case of the IAAA student Rep.
IX.The Term of Office of these elected officers shall be one year.
a.The term of office of the Student rep. is as defined by the IAAA.
X.A person shall not hold the same office for more than 2 successive years.
a.Unless no other person interested in the post can be found.
XI.Extra ordinary member positions, up to a maximum of 3 people, may be created in the case that interested parties do not one of the positions listed in article 4 VI..

5. Election of the Governing Executive Committee:

I.The Committee members shall be democratically elected by proportional representation ballot at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM).
a.Although the IAAA Student Rep. will be voted on at the relevant ISAA meeting, their term of office will not begin until they are ratified at the next IAAA AGM
II.Votes are to be allocated on the same basis as all other voting in the AGM/EGM (8 VIII)
III.Each member institution may put two people up for election. These candidates may run for any number of positions.
IV.The proposed candidate has the right to decline the post if he/she chooses

6. Duties of Governing Executive Committee:

I.The Chairperson shall be:
a.The chief officer of the Association whose functions include chairing all meetings of the Committee.
b.The Chair of all meeting of the Association and will only have a vote in the case of a tie committee.
c.An ex-officio member of any Committee or sub-Committee set up by the club unless no ex-officio runs for the post
II.The Secretary shall:
a.Be in charge of all correspondence and records of the Association.
b.Keep minutes of all Committee meetings, of all general meetings, of the Annual General Meeting or any other meetings relating to the business of the Association when requested by the Committee.
c.Keep records of authorisation of expenditure and shall act as a financial advisor to the association.
d.Give notice to all members of the Association's meetings, events and functions.
III.The Children’s officer will liaise with IV hosts to advise the host clubs on running IV competitions in a manner appropriate to those under 18.
IV.The Public Relations Officer shall:
a.Be responsible for the advertising of all functions of the Association through all means feasible.
b.Deal with external correspondence and maintain records of the contribution from outside bodies to the Association and to give notice to all members of these contributions.
V.The Records Officer shall:
a.Keep records of all scores achieved at IV competitions for as long as feasible.
b.Keep a record of all current league records.
VI.The Webmaster shall:
a.Maintain the Website for the Association and report all feedback from the site at the next available meeting.
b.Maintain the incoming E-mail for the Association and ensure all Committee members may view all mail received.
c.Display any articles on our site Committee members submit in accordance with section 2.
VII.The Ordinary Committee members:
a.Have no fixed directive but are free to assist any other Committee member with that member's duties.
b.Shall have the same voting privileges at all meetings that the rest of the Committee have.

7. Dismissal and Resignation of Committee Members:

I.No member of the Committee shall be dismissed from office unless:
a.Written notice of a resolution to seek such a dismissal, signed by 30% of the members of the Association is received 4 working days prior to a general meeting at which such a resolution shall be debated.
b.2/3s of the Governing Executive Committee may also call a meeting to debate the dismissal of another Committee member.
II.A resolution to dismiss a Committee member shall be passed by a simple majority voting at the relevant and quadrate meeting.
III.A Committee member wishing to resign must submit a letter in writing declaring that intention to resign to the Secretary, who will immediately inform the Committee as a whole. In the case that it is the Secretary who is resigning the letter of resignation must be submitted to the chairperson, who in turn will inform the rest of the committee. The responsibilities of that person shall be delegated to other Committee members(s) until a by-election can held to re-elect a new person to the position.
IV.Bye elections must take place at the earliest possible IV competition provided two weeks’ notice is given to the clubs
V.The individual charged will be given a chance to plead their case to the Committee before voting.

8. Meetings:

I.The Committee shall convene one Annual General Meeting of all members within each calendar year at a place and time which in their opinion is most acceptable to the general membership no later than in the final month of the Academic year
II.The Committee shall inform all of, its members of the date and venue of the AGM at least one month before the meeting.
III.The AGM shall be held no later than in the final month of the Academic year where the main Committee members will be elected (where possible).
IV.The purpose of the AGM shall be
a.To review the activities and performance of the Association over the previous year as well as annual reports from the outgoing Governing Executive Committee. set targets for the following year elect the relevant members of the Executive Governing Committee
V.A quorum of the meeting shall be ½ the Governing Executive Committee members and 2/3 of the member colleges.
VI.An Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be convened if:
a.2 member colleges of the Association request such a meeting in writing.
b.A quorum of the Governing Executive Committee requests such a meeting in writing.
VII.Two weeks’ notice must be given to the membership of the date and venue of an EGM
VIII.Each member club which entered an archer in more than half of the previous year’s competitions has 2 votes. All other member clubs have one vote.
IX.At a meeting, a member may propose a resolution relating to the business of the Association. The resolution shall be voted on by a show of hands and a declaration of the Chairperson that the resolution is carried (unless a secret ballot is demanded by any member college) shall be conclusive evidence that the resolution has passed or failed.
X.In the event that the Chairpersons resolution (8 IX) is challenged, a recount of the votes will be administered in which a number of appropriate people will be appointed by the Committee as "tellers" to count the votes. The result will be announced by the Chairperson or the Secretary(where requested by the general meeting).

9. General:

I.The membership fee for the Association shall be the total cost of the League prizes divided equally among the clubs which intend to compete in the IV League.
a.No fee shall be imposed on institutions competing in their first IV season.
II.Each member of the Association shall be entitled to receive a copy of this Constitution, on demand, free of charge.
III.In joining the Association, members agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Association as laid down in this constitution and by the Governing Executive Committee.
a.Members violating these rules and regulations shall be answerable to the Committee and for persistent breaches or an extremely serious breach, may have their membership revoked and no monies refunded, as deemed by a majority of the Committee.
IV.Special Committees shall be set up for specific events and shall dissolve on the completion of it’s' task, presenting it report to a higher Committee or the members, depending on where the mandate for it to be set up was exercised.
V.Decisions made by the Association are to be in the in interest of all the colleges involved and should not go against the rules of their institutions.
VI.No resolution may contravene ISAA, IAAA or Fita policy.

10. Amendments to this Constitution

I.Resolutions on any matter pertaining to the Association for consideration by the AGM shall be in writing and received three weeks before the meeting.
II.Changes to the Constitution can only be effected at an AGM or EGM and then only by two thirds majority of voting members.
III.The decision to allow the expansion of the executive Committee to include more members in order to allow for the growth of the Association shall be made in the same way as a change of constitution.
IV.The Intervarsity League Rules are to be read and interpreted in conjunction with this Constitution.
a.Decisions to change these Rules shall be made in the same way as a change to the Constitution
as promised in white at the bottom :
James Ryan is God and his word takes precedence over this document
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Here is the same document in different formats
Have you figured out the addition I've made to the above?
Attached Files
File Type: pdf ISAA Constitution.pdf (223.2 KB, 67 views)
File Type: doc ISAA Constitution.doc (56.0 KB, 54 views)
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Irish Archery Organisations:

IFAF - Irish Field Archery Federation -
IFAA - International Field Archery Association -
IAAA - Irish Amateur Archery Association -
ITFAS - Irish Traditional Field Archery Society -
SIFA- Society of Irish Field Archers-
CBIE - Cumann bua Instinctive hEireann (Irish Instinctive Archery Association)

Top Archery suppliers:


Flybow -
Master Archery-
Archery Shop Ireland-
Shooting Style-
3D Archery Ireland-


The Longbow Shop -
Merlin Archery Centre -
Quicks Archery -
Alternative Sporting Services-
Lancaster Archery Supply (US)-

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Considerations when posting Images on-thread.

Some considerations to note before posting images:

Links from Image Hosting sites

You can inadvertently reveal more information about yourself than you intend as the account holders name on a third-party image hosting site may be available to anyone following the link.
It's also possible that the entire catalogue of images hosted there could be accessed.
The account name used during its' set up may also be used to form part of the URL address of the image so you should consider using a pseudonym or username.

It's probably best, for your own privacy, to host images anonymously on a third-party site that allows it.
Examples of such sites would be TinyPic, Anony, PostImage, AnonImg and imagecross.

It is possible to have images attached to your posts ('Post Reply' button, not 'Quick Reply', and scroll down to 'Manage Attachments').
If you have a subscriber account you can create an album under your account ('Control Panel' >> 'Pictures & Albums') and link to them using the 'Picture URL' supplied or use the also supplied 'BB code' to insert them into the post.

Resizing images for display in thread:

Very large image files in threads can cause issues by 'breaking' browser windows or by consuming excessive bandwidth thus delaying page loading.
For everyone's sake, it's best to keep images to around 800 pixels on their longest side, and file size to 150-200 KB or so.

There are many on-line image resizing services which will make your images more suited for display in thread:

There's plenty of free software for doing it on your own computer too:

EXIF Date:

Be aware too, that a lot of digital cameras and most smartphones these days have GPS functionality built into them, and that details of the location at which the photo was taken can be included in the EXIF data of the image file.

If this is of concern to you, either switch off the GPS function of your camera/phone, or remove the data from the file before posting it publicly.
In Windows, you can see if this data is present by right-clicking on the image file, selecting 'Properties', and clicking the 'Details' tab.
If you wish to remove this data, follow the above steps, then click the 'Remove Properties and Personal Information' link, and follow the instructions from there.

Posting the same image on multiple sites:

Many Internet search tools facilitate 'image search', whereby you can input the URL of an image and the tool will search for that image throughout the Internet.
If you post the same image here AND elsewhere, it's possible for curious minds to link information from multiple sites and perhaps accumulate knowledge you'd prefer they didn't have; your username on other forums, for example, or even your real name and other personal data from social networking sites.

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