Hi all,

It's high time that we brought the forum charter here up to date, as there have been several changes in site policy since the original one was created may moons ago. So, the new forum charter is as follows:

Forum Charter:
  • No medical advice is permitted.
  • No flaming, baiting, or trolling.
  • All posts should be relevant, constructive & on topic.
  • No personal abuse or racism of any kind.
  • Don't back-seat moderate.
  • No txt or l33t speak.
  • Don't argue with a mod or a mod decision on thread, pm the mod instead.
  • Be courteous & civil at all times.
  • Do not spam or advertise your company, pm a mod if you wish to advertise an event.
  • Do not identify or speculate as to the identity of a poster, not only is this specific to this forum, but it's a site-wide rule {Section 5 Bullet-point 5}
  • If you have any general observations about the forum, how it can be improved, if there's anything that you feel should be done differently etc, you're more than welcome to pm the forum mods and/or Cmods to discuss. Alternatively, there is a Feedback forum where you can raise any concerns/issues you have with the forum in general.
  • A Mod decision is final, if you disagree with an infraction or ban feel free to take it to pm level. If your still not happy, there is a Dispute Resolution Procedure you can follow. Don't argue with a mod on thread

This charter is subject to change, please check back periodically to ensure you're aware of the forum rules. Thanks all