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View Poll Results: Should we stop bullying the UK?
Yes, they are our neighbor 91 17.74%
Give them 800 years (then stop bullying them) 422 82.26%
Voters: 513. You may not vote on this poll

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19-02-2018, 10:09   #46
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Originally Posted by RobertKK View Post
48% are our friends, the others caused much unneeded problems for everyone, and if we are bullying them over Brexit, tough, I heard a Brexit supporter on TV say how the British empire was a good thing and I think there is a section of Brexit with that mentality.
Down through the centuries our allies have been on the continent, not Britain.
I don't think Brexit was the actions of a friend, they forgot we existed when they were debating about a bus slogan.
They jumped off a cliff and if we have to bully them to avoid them dragging us down with them, so be it.
They have the most idiotic government on this continent.
I have thought about this 5 or 6 times in both directions and still not sure if serious.
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19-02-2018, 10:33   #47
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Originally Posted by topper75 View Post
I have thought about this 5 or 6 times in both directions and still not sure if serious.
both directions?
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19-02-2018, 14:55   #48
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To be honest I'd rather they claim we are bullying them than having to listen to their delusional bull**** when they say we should leave with them
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19-02-2018, 15:04   #49
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Originally Posted by force eleven View Post
I wish we had the same backbone and voted out. Well, we voted twice on treaties from Brussels and they didn't like that one bit. Little Ireland wasn't going to stop the Eurocrats dream of a federal Europe, one state, one currency, one bank, one tax rate. All gradually coming to fruition. If you like all the rules being made from a group of unelected career politicians that nobody heard of before they got their portfolios, that's fine. Good luck, and the majority of people in Ireland are good with that or simply don't care, or trust Leo (ha ha). Britain voted out for those reasons plus they have immigration concerns. Many here disagree, again, fine. It's happening though, and Ireland needs to think for itself as to how to handle it, and take a firm stance with Brussels, as well as London.
Please use your vote in the next European elections.
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19-02-2018, 15:22   #50
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Brits crying about being bullied . They had an empire that spanned the entire planet and now they have reduced themselves to the pitiable entity that they are today, engaged in a needless destruction of there own economy. It'd be funny if wasn't so deadly serious.

We are looking after our own interests. The Brexiters are not and never will be our friends. They torpedoed there countries economy and that is on them.

We should be nothing short of ruthless, in minimizing the damage that the feckless Brexiteers will cause to our economy.

Also, I think we should into account that fact that Brexiters have and continue to show a complete and utter disdain for the Good Friday agreement.

Anyone who agrees with the Brexiters or has any sympathy is a fool, as I can guarantee, they do not care about us or anyone else for that matter.
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19-02-2018, 15:42   #51
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Seems to me that some Paddies have become so accustomed to being on their knees before the English that they're comfortable only in that position.
Standing up and looking them in the eye at the same level leaves them feeling decidedly uneasy.
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20-02-2018, 17:33   #52
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Originally Posted by Beanntraigheach View Post
Seems to me that some Paddies have become so accustomed to being on their knees before the English that they're comfortable only in that position.
Standing up and looking them in the eye at the same level leaves them feeling decidedly uneasy.
Better to die on your feet than live on your knees
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20-02-2018, 18:13   #53
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If they want to rejoin the EU in a few years I don't think it will be Prodigal Son II.
It will be "turn off the lights and pretend we are not at home".
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20-02-2018, 18:15   #54
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Purple Lean got them f**ked up
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20-02-2018, 18:26   #55
Herb Powell
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They're literally occupying over a fifth of the country, so the "bullying" claim is completely laughable.

I haven't been a big fan of Varadkar for various reasons, but to be quite honest I'm happy with how he has been handling Brexit. A no bullshhit approach.
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20-02-2018, 22:11   #56
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Could Hungary and Poland please join the British?

Albeit without the imperial delusions, what equally backward populist cúnts leading both those failed economies and states. What astoundingly primitive, crooked crony political cultures in both countries enriching themselves and their associates under the guise of supporting "traditional values".

It isn't fascism in the Mussolini sense, but it's an authoritarianism mixed with populism, anti-democratic tendencies, respect for strong institutions like the RCC and xenophobia all in one - with, like the Brits, the EU scapegoated. When the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, for instance, states that he wants to 'build an illiberal state based on national foundations', citing Russia and China as examples, be afraid. That's before even glancing at both countries less than stellar roles in WWII - something the Poles really don't like to be mentioned.

Today: Poles told to report 'anti-Polish slander' to diplomats

Why is Poland's government worrying the EU?

Democracy is on the brink in Hungary, so why is no one talking about it?

Europe’s illiberal states: why Hungary and Poland are turning away from constitutional democracy

...A number of ex-communist states, particularly Hungary and Poland, have rejected an ideology founded on individualism, human rights, economic transparency and multiculturalism. They are turning instead towards an alternative social, political and economic model in which the cultivation of “traditional values” and distinct national identities is of paramount ideological importance. The new model is also frequently characterised by widespread, often systematic corruption and an increasingly authoritarian political culture.
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20-02-2018, 22:31   #57
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21-02-2018, 00:15   #58
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Bullying the UK? What are you smoking? Total delusions.
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21-02-2018, 01:57   #59
Capt'n Midnight
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If the UK goes "full retard" with a Hard Brexit to WTO terms it will impact our economy by 7%, so we should make it very clear to the UK that if they are stupid enough to expect us to roll over for them we'll use our veto the first chance we get to cause maximum damage.

They have to understand there is no Get Out Of Jail card if they threaten us.

There's the whole thing about Brexit undermining the Good Friday Agreement that had 94% down here. 3000 dead and paramilitary organisations involved in billion a year smuggling ?

Also we are due a census in 2021.
The population of this island will almost certainly be still below what it was in 1821, especially if you exclude immigrants.

Countries don't have friends, they have interests.
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21-02-2018, 02:00   #60
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