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21-10-2015, 11:47   #16
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Originally Posted by westliferule View Post
thanks so much guys you are a great help!! I suppose a lot of the CPG are common sense I am not sure if will have enough time to learn it all as doing a healthcare course at same time. :-(. Its not rocket science I'm sure!!! Thanks again so so much :-)

It may seem like a lot but take it piece by piece and it will all add up in the end. when you break it down i would recommend the following:

1) Learn the drugs as if you wrote them yourself - this will benefit during exam time and when on duty with efr, emt and paramedics etc

2) Understand and learn off the patient assessment for medical and trauma i.e AcBCDE etc - once you learn the order and what you do for each step off you wont forget them and they wont change (at least not that much as you progress more you will be adding things in) - I will add in sample and opqrst look them up

3) Learn off the anatomy and physiology as best you can as going forward this will be the bread and butter esp when you cross over to EMT etc. If you don't know how the body works and where everything is located then how can you know whats going on and what to look for in your assesments - I will add in vital signs here as they are essential to working out whats going on inside

4) Enjoy it! it's a lot of fun and it's a great start in the pre hosipital care ladder!
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Originally Posted by westliferule View Post
Hi All,
I am doing my EFR exam I am just wondering some info on vital signs. I always thought an adults pulse rate was 60-80 but some places say its 60-100 which 100 seems a little high. According to PHEEC what is a normal pulse and breathing rates? I looked it up several times but everywhere tells me something different.
At OFA level the First Aid Manuals will more than likely state average Adult Pulse Rate range is 60 – 80 beats per minute. At EFR level as per PHECC CPG (see page 16 on the EFR CPG Oct 2014 edition) the normal Adult Pulse Rate range is 60 – 100 beats per minute. PHECC don't own the OFA course. From what I can tell the Health & Safety Authority (HSA) own the OFA course and outsource it to OFAAA. HSA existed before PHECC. Hence why it can be confusing to students learning first aid at different levels when you have 2 organisations PHECC and HSA who own first aid training courses with differences.

Best way i think to try make sense of the 2 ranges is say to yourself 60 – 80 would be the average pulse range & a normal pulse range 60 – 100. So you could tell a patient who has a pulse of 72 that they have a average pulse rate. Someone who has a pulse 83 you could just say to them they have a normal pulse and nothing to be too concerned about.

Originally Posted by westliferule View Post
Also is a normal blood sugar between 4 and 8?
At EFR level you won't/shouldn't be examined on this. This is not a skill expected from you at EFR level (see Skills Matrix page 66 on the EFR CPG Oct 2014 edition). But no harm learning about it if you want to increase you knowledge and skills. Glucometry ( blood glucose/sugar measuring) is currently expected from EMT and above levels. At EMT level CPGs would indicate normal/adequate if the reading is between 4 and 10. Less than 4 then would indicate intervention of glucose gel/ sugary drink or the drug glucagon if the patient is unresponsive. A reading greater than 10 would mean the person should see a doctor to be assessed.

Originally Posted by westliferule View Post
Any help would be much appreciated. I am fairly new to saint johns and was hoping to leave my EFR for couple years but but superviser wants us all on the same level. One other thing what kind of questions would they ask on the CPGS?
Ask your EFR instructor to give you sample questions or organise a mock exam to help you.
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will I have to know my CPG in order
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11-11-2015, 17:56   #19
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Originally Posted by westliferule View Post
will I have to know my CPG in order
Are you talking about the OSCE?
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