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Round my area it's all the locals that still dig it, I've been involved in about 20 digs myself. My older brother tells a story of the first grave he was involved in. The older boys came across the previous coffin and it was in fairly bad shape. So they sprinkled a loose layer of soil over it to cover it up and started shouting at the brother to "come on young fella and prove yourself". Him, as green as grass and wanting to prove his worth to the older fellas lept down into the grave and put the two feet straight through the coffin! He said he jumped straight out of the grave without touching the sides with every other man in the graveyard in the fits laughing at him!!! It took him the week to get right after it but it is still a great story to hear once and a while.

It's a lovely tradition I believe. The family of the deceased usually arrive at the grave while the digging is in progress with a few beers and chat and tell stories about the deceased with all of the diggers (which are all usually friends).

We don't do much right in this country, but I think we handle death well.
I don’t know. If the funeral is a large one, it can be utterly exhausting for the family. When my aunt died, 5000 sympathisers came to the funeral home.

When I was secondary school, a girl from the school was killed in a car crash. Her devastated family had to deal probably twice that amount of sympathisers. I will never forget the anguished faces of her parents in the funeral home. They were sitting by the coffin, interacting with nobody. Ignoring everybody. What an ordeal for them.