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04-12-2018, 22:31   #16
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It’s a great honour to be asked to dig a grave. Still carried out by friends and neighbours where I’m from.
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04-12-2018, 22:33   #17
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I’d be honored if ya didn’t ask me
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04-12-2018, 23:24   #18
pleas advice
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Originally Posted by MarkR View Post
Supposed to dig down four feet for animals..
and two feet for a human?
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04-12-2018, 23:33   #20
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Originally Posted by ahnowbrowncow View Post
Would they not use a shovel?
I can’t stop laughing at this. An oldie but a goodie.
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04-12-2018, 23:37   #21
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Get the guy to dig the grave before ya kill him . They are very keen to dig it very deep ! ! !
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04-12-2018, 23:40   #22
Outlaw Pete
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Yeah, a Deliveroo rider brought me cold food.
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04-12-2018, 23:41   #23
Doctors room ghost
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Originally Posted by Archeron View Post
Dug a grave for a dog and accidentally killed two fish while doing it. That was not a nice morning.

Must have been fierce wet ground you were digging when you struck 2 fish.😀
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04-12-2018, 23:41   #24
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Originally Posted by Srameen View Post
I have helped dig 5 or 6 graves for family members and friends. It seems to be all done by machine nowadays but at one time the family and community came together and three or four men would dig the grave. It was exceptionally hard work in some locations. Always followed by a good few drinks in the nearest bar with reminiscing about the deceased
We used to drink a bottle of whiskey while digging the grave. Would be in terrible shape by the end of it, especially trying to get out of the grave and the trauma of finding assorted bones
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04-12-2018, 23:48   #25
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I had to dig a grave for my poor old auntie who was dying at a fierce rate. But when she didn't die, I had to fill the bloody thing in again.
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05-12-2018, 00:08   #26
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Recently I have attended two funerals of elderly country relatives. I think it's a lovely tradition of neighbours digging the grave. In the Ist instance a small digger was used. In the second a digger could not access the site (old grave yard) so it was dug manually by about 10 people. The only reimbursement was a cup of tea. It's extraordinary to see how country neighbours rally round to support & comfort the bereaved family.
Here in Dublin a person a few doors down could be dead and buried before one would know about it.
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05-12-2018, 01:10   #27
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I was the official grave-digger for Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, USA for about 2 months in the summer of 1989. There was absolutely no mechanical equipment allowed in the cemetery so the graves had to be dug by shovel. Luckily, MV is a small island so everywhere was mostly sand and it was an easy 2-hour dig for a six-foot deep grave. Got $50 cash for each hole plus (usually) a decent tip from the bereaved family.

Best job I ever had; only problem was people were not dying regularly enough on the island (only dug 6 graves in 2 months!) and I had to do less appealing jobs (painting, carpentry etc.) to make a living. Never had to do it in the winter, mind, which may have been a tougher proposition.

I was also the official vermin controller of the area, which mainly consisted of trapping and drowning raccoons and skunks. Another wonderful job which paid well but not regularly enough. Happy times!
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05-12-2018, 01:25   #28
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Originally Posted by Doctors room ghost View Post
Must have been fierce wet ground you were digging when you struck 2 fish.��
tales from the riverbank,
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05-12-2018, 01:52   #29
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Originally Posted by Fordcspri23 View Post
Yea track machine only job, remember to put the blade behind you and track motors also while digging.
You can't put both the blade and the track motors behind you
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05-12-2018, 02:31   #30
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Originally Posted by byronbay2 View Post
I was also the official vermin controller of the area, which mainly consisted of trapping and drowning raccoons and skunks. Another wonderful job which paid well but not regularly enough. Happy times!
You must have had some seriously cruddy roles in your time if you class ‘drowning raccoons’ as a wonderful job. Sounds horrible!
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