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03-12-2018, 19:11   #1
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Why I am leaving Ireland in 2019

I have decided to pack my bags in 2019 and leave Ireland, hopefully permanently.

The reason I am leaving is I no longer want to live in such regressive society where I am taxed into the ground. There is no incentive to do anything properly in the way I would like to do it.

Overall combined taxation rates are close to 80% and we don't get any useful public services.

Some quick facts below

VAT is 23%

Income tax is 20% on the first €43,550, 40% on earnings above this.

Mineral Oil Tax on Petrol is 54.1% plus Carbon Tax of 4.5% + VAT @ 23%
Mineral Oil Tax on Diesel is 42.5% plus Carbon Tax of 5.3% + VAT @ 23%

Stamp Duty is 1% of Purchase Price on purchase of a home on the first 1 million, 2% after first million.

Stamp Duty is 6% on all non Residential Property, e.g. Farmland or Commerical Property.

Universal Service Charge

Rate Income Band
0.5% Up to €12,012
2.5% From €12,012.01 to €19,372.00
4.75% From €19,372.01 to €70,044.00
8% From €70,044.01 to €100,000.00
8% Any PAYE income over €100,000
11% Non-PAYE (Self-employed) income over €100,000

Local Property Tax if you own your own home varies with most people having €300 to €600 of a levy to pay, depending on the value of your home.

Vehicle Registration Tax variesbut generates billions for the state each year on new and second hand cars imported from the UK.

CAT Inheritance tax is 33% So imagine you go through life and pay all these taxes and maybe save money and then you reach a point where you want to hand it over to your children or appointed heir, the state will then come along and take 33% of it off you, this is money which was prevsiouly taxed already.

There is many many more taxes which I haven't mentioned but the effective rate of tax is 80% and then you see people effectively working themselves into an early grave, busting their guts to keep the country moving for what?

With these levels of taxation you'd imagine we'd be living in a Socialist utopia,

Instead we have a total disgrace of a Health care system which exists as a dumping ground for the failed careers of Administrators. Nurses and Doctors who work here must be masochists to tolerate such a disaster.

Social Housing, there is thousands homeless, I don't care what their status or immigration documentations state, once again the money is there to fix this. If any of us drones who are paying these huge taxes fall on hard times the safety net is not there.

Public Transport, it might aswell not exist and where it does it is vastly over-priced.

Justice and Policing, neither exist other than to enforce these brutal taxation regimes, don't pay your taxes and you will likely spend longer in prison than a career thief or murderer. Rotating doors makes Ireland a criminals paradise.

Ireland has Nordic Taxation levels and developing country levels of public services.

Taxation is theft because you pay for nothing other than lies from corrupt politicians.

Why would a person bother working, you are better to draw welfare and have nothing to your name and just enjoy life because work does not pay in Ireland. I don't loathe these people, as a matter of fact I envy them. Why bother trying to do the right thing in Ireland when the Govt will tax it and take it away from you. Why bother respecting any law because you will not be punished.
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Bye then.
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03-12-2018, 19:15   #4
Rum Ham!
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03-12-2018, 19:16   #6
Fuzzy Logic
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Nice (not) knowing you
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03-12-2018, 19:17   #7
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Where u heading, dubai? Zero craic!
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03-12-2018, 19:17   #9
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Yes but where are you heading
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03-12-2018, 19:17   #10
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Have you checked out less regressive tax countries or are you just venting?
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03-12-2018, 19:18   #11
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You’re dead right......our best people will go abroad and make a good life for themselves. Always been the case.
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03-12-2018, 19:18   #12
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You could go North.

North Sentinel Island

No tax there whatsoever and an idyllic unspoiled environment.
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Far Away hills are Green.... you may be paying TAX at high rates in Ireland. Other countries make you pay tax as well.

I get a higher Take home wage in The USA but I also pay a hell of a lot more for many of the things that you listed there.

Health Care, Property Tax, etc etc.

OK VRT is non-existant and road tax where I am is $110 a year for a 5.7 ltr hemi Truck.

Ireland is a pain tax wise, but other countries are no better.
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03-12-2018, 19:18   #14
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Originally Posted by LirW View Post
Yes but where are you heading

Probably Qatar
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03-12-2018, 19:20   #15
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Have to agreed, this is the one that cost me a fortune,
Stamp Duty 2% after first million.
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