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11-10-2012, 09:29   #1
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On the recommendations of Lazarus (cant get used to him not being Nessy!) posting this here for opinions.
In this case i cant decide whether or not to leave a neg, agreed on a swap with a user, 2 of my items for 2 of hers. I posted off her items and didnt get mine, a few days later she messaged me back to say she was sending them back as they 'didnt fit'. Its clear she had waited to get them, tried them on, decided she didnt want them and sent them back. I replied saying that thats the risk you take with swapped items, and i had lost out 7.50 on postage costs. She replied saying she would send me one of the items of hers i wanted as a goodwill gesture. Of course I didnt get it..Am i being unfair or unreasonable to neg her?
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neg would be far imo as they didnt uphold their end of the deal by posting their item(s) at the same time
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11-10-2012, 11:24   #3 Eddie
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It's entirely at your discretion but it is an option. Eddie is offline  
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