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Battlefield Board Charter - Important Please Read

Welcome to the Battlefield forum of This forum is designed to provide information and for the general discussion on the EA/Dice Battlefield game series. Currently this board is being moderated by Myself [Winters] and Jimeatsmenu. We are here to keep this place clean and sort out any problems you may have. However, here are a list of ground rules you should follow to keep this board great. And before you ask about recent patches and mods please see Number 6 below and this thread
  • Warez
    The posting of information which can cause the illegal copying of games is not allowed. This includes serial keys, crack files or actual copied CDs or CD files.
  • Stay On Topic
    This board is for the Battlefield game series and mods and posts should stay within this general theme. There are other boards for other games as well as a general Games forum, a list of which can be found here. Posts on threads in general should also be in keeping with the general topic of that thread.

    Please do not post Private Messages to another user through the board. features a Private Messaging function which will allow you to send a private message to another user. You can access the Private Messaging pages here or by going into your User CP.
  • Its War, But Be Civil
    Try and be civil. Arguments are expected and so is a bit of slagging but there is a line and we dont want you to cross it. Flamewars and excessive spamming will not be tolerated. If you do cross the line you will be given a nice little warning by PM.

    If you have any problems with a post or thread you can use the "Report" link on the bottom of each post. This will notify the moderators of the Board of a post and/or user that you may find offensive. We will deal with the problem as quick as possible.
  • Newbies
    First of all, if you are a noobie to take a quick look at the Newbie FAQ forum for any question you may have, and welcome. For all other users, please refrain from any Newbie bashing. Nobody likes someone who picks on a Newbie and also remember you were one too.
    If you have just got a copy of Battlefield please take time to grab the latest Battlefield patches so you can play online. There will be a sticky in the main thread list to the latest patch. If you have just installed a fresh copy of Battlefield you will be required to install the Full update.
  • Cheats And 'Cheat Bugs'
    We do not want to see any Cheats or 'Cheat Bugs' being posted or linked to on the site. Period. Any posting of cheats or 'Cheat Bugs' will result in either a strong warning or immediate ban. Nobody likes a cheater, play fun, play fair, play Battlefield
  • Latest Patch
    To play Battlefield the best possible way you will need to update your Battlefield to the most recent version. For information and links to the most recent Battlefield patches and also to popular modifications please see the “Battlefield Patches and Mods” thread. The thread will provide mirrors to both the full update and also the incremental update. If you have not patched your Battlefield before or do not have the last patch installed you will be required to download the Full Update Patch.
  • Game Tonight?
    This has been causing a good bit of confusion on the board so I would like to point this out to everybody. If you are trying to get a good game going on a particular server please put in the date in the title thread. Threads with "tonight?" or "game this friday?" as the title cause confusion over when the exact date is. Please also mention if the game will be Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Desert Combat etc. to ensure people do know what they are going to be playing.

This is a new charter as the old one was, well a slight bit bare. Hope this one makes more sence and provides some more information.

[align=center]If you have any problems with the charter above feel free to forget them[/align]

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There is a new dispute resolution procedure in place. If you feel you that have been banned or infracted unfairly, please follow the complaints procedure as outlined in this forum.

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It's the site policy to not allow discussion of ways to purchase software if it means using any deceptive practice to do so, e.g. using VPNs to fake your IP/geo location, primarily for the purpose of obtaining keys commonly at the lower prices found in some regions of the world.
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