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Still think it's gas how I lived around the corner from AJ & Doom more or less my whole life and randomly stumbled across this forum
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Doctor DooM
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Well, gone tomorrow.

Been real!
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24-02-2020, 14:52   #18
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This forum has been influential to the IFGC's growth: Scheduling XGC casuals, talking **** to players who rightfully deserved it, (Who said cody's BP+M was a good footsie tool????)

This thread has some awesome memories and for me started when a Website lured me to an event at the exchange where I got bopped by Dwy in marvel and mixed up the names of 2 players which let to me **** talking a player to his face. Day 1 tech.

Shout outs to Aaron & Brian, without you 2 the scene would've never lived the dream of seeing Prop players face-to-face, Ireland would've never had a chance to compete with the beasts. It's a momentous task and the credit cannot but overstated: The scene is in a better place from both of your combined efforts.
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