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25-03-2020, 19:19   #1
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Covid nation ( Katherine Thomas )

Why oh why won't she leave us alone? Why do these b celebs keep forcing themselves on license payers.
Is there really people out there who need advice from her ? And her sidekick? The guy who looks like count Dracula from seasame street?
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25-03-2020, 19:20   #2
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RTE need an excuse to pay theses people who only got the job because of friends or family obscene wages.
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25-03-2020, 19:52   #3
The Tetrarch
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Thomas revealed in 2015 that a series of shooting stars inked on the inside of her lower left arm were not tattoos but were in fact transfers.

That put my mind at rest.
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25-03-2020, 20:37   #4
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Never seen this.
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25-03-2020, 20:52   #5
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Kathryn Thomas tells the nation how her family nearly got coronavirus

Much like the time her mother visited Tunisia, flew home and was in Ireland when a gunman in Tunisia launched an attack at a muesum
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25-03-2020, 20:53   #6
Sheep Shagger
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Originally Posted by Raconteuse View Post
Never seen this.
Starts next month - god help us.
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25-03-2020, 20:54   #7
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25-03-2020, 21:07   #8
Bio Mech
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Originally Posted by BanditLuke View Post
You know. Catherin Tomas
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25-03-2020, 21:12   #9
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I know. If things weren't bad enough they'll do a show with her yelling at people to exercise at home.
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25-03-2020, 21:25   #10
One eyed Jack
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Name of the show is in poor taste really.

I know it’s a play on words of the original programme, but it’s not as though they couldn’t have come up with an infinite number of alternative programme titles.

As for the programme itself, not my cup of tea anyway, but undoubtedly it’s a popular programme and I can imagine it’ll be a ratings topper, if only to point and laugh at the participants so the audience feels better about themselves.
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25-03-2020, 21:35   #11
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I thought OP was spoofing with the title of Kathryn’s new tv show, so I googled it. As everyone else knows, he’s not joking. Incredibly poor taste - people are literally dying from this virus

Also, I don’t personally feel RTE’s own publicity photo is doing Kathryn any favours

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25-03-2020, 21:38   #12
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As per the last couple of posters - really poor show title.

RTE should just show some comedies similar to a Christmas schedule, but with more inspired movie choices.

Nobody want to see Catether Thomas, nor another insipid reality show.
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25-03-2020, 21:45   #13
Agent Coulson
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Is this the same Katherine Thomas who told how her mother was close to the attacks at the hotel resort in Egypt in 2016.

Her same mother who left the area are days before the attacks.
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25-03-2020, 21:48   #14
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RTÉ suddenly have a surplus budget they're incinerating to justify licence fee hike. Hence rushed filler like 'Covid Nation'. Next we'll have Amy Huberman with her doctorate in zumba promoting a line of quirky leggings.
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25-03-2020, 21:50   #15
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Originally Posted by Berties_Horse View Post
RTÉ suddenly have a surplus budget they're incinerating to justify licence fee hike. Hence rushed filler like 'Covid Nation'. Next we'll have Amy Huberman with her doctorate in zumba promoting a line of quirky leggings.
Good. I’m more likely to watch that.
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