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28-03-2010, 02:17   #1
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The Definitive Guide to DIT 2.0 - Now with Links!

Hello All!

The Definitive Guide to DIT should always be your first port of call if you are trying to find information on something. It's a handy resource which will mean less time you'll have to spend Googling! If you notice something that isn't here, that you think should be, then please go ahead and add it in.

So far, we have a posts on the following topics:

Viewing your timetable online

Information on DIT Students' Union and Grangegorman

List of Useful websites

Accommodation and Transport information (North and South)

Academic Calendar 2012/13

Class Rep System and Governing Council (Students Union)

DIT Coursewise - Very handy for finding Information about Courses

DIT Apple on Campus - Discount on Apple Goods

Configure your DIT Email account so mail gets sent from instead of

Information on DIT Student Employment

Accessing Past Exam Papers

Can't find the right book in the library? - Ask them to get it for you!

Just click on the relevant link to go to whatever it is your interested in finding out about.

We also have a number of threads on DIT that may be of interest to you on:

Off Topic Chat

Things to do during lecture gaps

Accomodation Thread

Student Surveys*

DIT Irritations - 1st World Problems Thread

If you have a comment of a query that fits in one of those, please place it in there.

* Mod Permission required for this one. Read the first post in that thread for details!

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28-03-2010, 13:29   #2
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Send a message via MSN to projectmayhem
If anyone wants to post other such guides just reply here. No chat. Posts will be removed.
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31-08-2010, 00:07   #3
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For viewing your timetable online:

go to:

Username: students
Password: timetables

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20-06-2011, 20:12   #4
The Volt
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The Definitive Guide to DIT

I was thinking we could expand on the email thread and create an overall info page for DIT students. The same questions seem to pop up every few months so we should build it all up. adding to the email information and sticky it.

Here's some links and info about DIT Students Union

Website -
- Accomodation
- Exams & Assessments
- News & Info

Elected Sabbatical Officers for 2013/14

President - Glenn Fitzpatrick
VP Events - Will Meara
VP Welfare - Fiachra Duffy
VP Education - Rebecca Dempsey

College Officers:

Aungier Street - Kieron Pierson
Bolton Street - Tom Healy
Cathal Brugha Street - Connlaoth McDuffie
Mountjoy Square - Aoife O’Neill
Kevin Street - Femi Bankole
Rathmines - Tara O’Brien

On Grangegorman:

Also, Visit the Infrastructure Forum's Thread on Grangegorman for up do date information and discussion.

Last edited by G_R; 30-07-2013 at 23:27. Reason: Added link to G/Gorman discussion on Infrastructure Forum
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21-06-2011, 16:15   #5
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List of Useful Sites:

These are just off the top of my head. If anyone would like me to add more send me a PM

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27-06-2011, 19:57   #6
The Volt
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Seeing as how accomodation related questions come up regularly:

DIT's Southside main campuses are Aungier St, Kevin St and Rathmines. Aungier St. and Kevin St. are right next to one another. Rathmines is about 15 minutes of a walk from these two, located just over the canal bridge in Dublin 6.

On the Northside, there's Bolton St, Cathal Brugha St and Mountjoy Square. These are more spread out with Bolton St. up behind Parnell St. Cinema, Mountjoy Square down the other end of Parnell St and Cathal Brugha St. just off O'Connell St.

DIT have an info page on accomodation but I've not heard many good things about any of their options and there's certainly better value for money out there.

No matter which DIT you're going to, there will be plenty of ways of getting to and from college via Dublin Bus and the Luas. All of the colleges accommodate for cyclists as well.
DIT on the Southside

Aungier St/Kevin St are serviced by the following bus routes (either directly to or less than a 5 minute walk from the bus stop) - 9, 77, 77a, 150, 151, 54a (disembark at St. Patrick's Cathedral), 56a, 50, 65, 65b, 16, 16a, 83, 121, 15, 15a (disembark at Harcourt St.)
The green LUAS line terminates at Stephen's Green and is less than ten minutes away from these campuses on foot.

As well as being serviced by a seemingly endless source of food places, Rathmines has numerous bus routes - 14, 14a, 65, 65b, 83, 15, 15a, 74, 74a.

For these campuses, close by options are anywhere in Dublin 6, Harold's Cross, Kimmage, Crumlin etc but don't limit yourself to the Southside either. Check up these bus routes at and also the LUAS stops at the above link.

DIT on the Northside

Cathal Brugha St. is arguably the best serviced of all of the DIT campuses. As well as being a stone's throw from the red line LUAS, it boasts an array of bus routes - 122, 123, 20b, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 14a, 16, 16a, 46a, 83

Bolton St. is about ten minute walk from the Luas stop at Jervis but also has a number of buses serving it, most of them will require you to walk from Parnell Square which isn't much of an ask - 2, 3, 9, 11, 11a, 14, 14a, 16, 16a, 40a, 46a, 83, 120, 122, 146

Mountoy Square has a few buses that go close enough but you're better off using Dorset St. as a focal point as it gives you a host of other options. - 46a, 63, 118, 145, 13a, 16, 16a, 33, 41, 120, 122, 123.

Student areas that are popular north of the include Smithfield, Drumcondra, North Strand, Glasnevin and Phibsboro.

Be sure to check out the Accommodation thread here on the DIT Forum for vacancies posted by fellow boardsies - Accomodation Thread

Last edited by G_R; 08-02-2012 at 17:46. Reason: Updated bus route numbers since Dublin Bus changed some of em!
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30-06-2011, 00:43   #7
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Academic Calendar 2012/13

I realise this is on, but I think it'd be handy to have it here.

Semester 1

September 2012

03/09/12 Session commences

10/09/12 1st Years commence including Orientation, Induction

17/09/12 (1) Teaching commences for 2nd & subsequent years

24/09/12 (2) 15 Weeks to Include: 12 Lecture Weeks +1 Review Week +Assessment

October 2012

01/10/12 (3)

08/10/12 (4)

15/10/12 (5)

22/10/12 (6)

29/10/12 (7) Review Week (unless otherwise arranged) - Review week to be used either for revision, reading, field visits, lectures, interim tests, formative assessment feedback etc. To be applied in Week 7 except where otherwise arranged

November 2012

05/11/12 (8)

12/11/12 (9)

19/11/12 (10)

26/11/12 (11)

December 2012

03/12/12 (12)

10/12/12 (13)

17/12/12 Christmas

24/12/12 Christmas

31/12/12 Christmas

January 2013

07/01/13 (14) - Exams and marking commence

14/01/13 (15)

21/01/13 Module Boards: Student feedback and Appeals. - Choice of Options & Electives for 2nd Semester

Semester 2

28/01/13 (1) Teaching commences - 15 Weeks to Include: 12 Lecture Weeks +1 Review Week +Assessment

February 2013

04/02/13 (2)

11/02/13 (3)

18/02/13 (4)

25/02/13 (5)

March 2013

04/03/13 (6)

11/03/13 (7)

18/03/13 (8)

25/03/13 Easter - No Lectures

April 2013

01/04/13 Easter - No Lectures

08/04/13 (9)

15/04/13 (10)

22/04/13 (11)

29/04/13 (12)

May 2013

06/05/13 (13) Review Week (unless otherwise arranged)
Review week to be used either for revision, reading, field visits, lectures, interim tests, formative assessment feedback etc. To be applied in Week 13 except where otherwise arranged.

13/05/13 (14) Exams commence & marking commences

20/05/13 (15) Exams

27/05/13 Exams

June 2013

03/06/13 Module Boards and Programme Boards

10/06/13 Student Feedback and Appeals


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05-07-2011, 16:22   #8
The Volt
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The Class Rep System and Governing Council

For all those entering DIT, it's crucial to make sure that you and your new classmates elect as Class Rep as soon as possible. This can be done by either getting a form from the local SU office and holding it yourselves, or by asking a member of the local DITSU team to host it for you. A class rep is a student who represents their class in the Students' Union.The class rep is the problem solver, the party organiser, the popular kid, and the student with the rockin’ CV at the end of the year. The class rep is the voice of their class. No class rep = No voice.

There are six class rep meetings on your site over the college year that the elected class reps need to be at. These are run by the Class Rep Convenor, and usually held at 1pm, and there is lunch provided so you don’t miss your lunch! As class rep, you sit on your programme committee and tell those that matter what your class thinks of the course and what should be changed! Without class reps the courses would never improve- you are vital to us!If your course has any problems, you bring them to your Convenor (The person running the Class Rep Meetings) or the Sabbaticals.

For the hard work that class reps put in, there's an array of benefits. As well as the popularity that goes along with it, there's a mess of freebies to be gotten. If you organize a night out for your class, most venues will stick you on the VIP list and you'll get in for free. Every 30 students are entitled to a class rep so depending on the size of your class, you may be even entitled to have 2 or 3.

Governing Council is the next step and a somewhat more serious role than that of the Class Rep. Elected councillors do not have to be class reps so there is scope for everyone to get involved. Why would you want to get involved? The Governing Council is effectively where the decisions are made that shape how DIT Student's Union is run. Councillors can bring motions to the meetings and if passed, these are implemented into SU policy. What's more is that every Councillor represents 500 students so it really is a valuable role. Governing Councillors are elected via the Class Rep Meeting.
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06-07-2011, 01:25   #9
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DIT Coursewise

A lot of incoming first years are asking about hours or module content etc about their various courses.

DIT has a Coursewise entry for each course. I know it's always great to get a students perspective on things, but this system does contain a lot of useful data about courses, like module credits, module hours, required reading and materials, lecturers etc.

Here's a list of all the DIT courses, and their respective Coursewise Entries.

The Coursewise listings are much better than the DIT Website course listings.

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11-08-2011, 21:14   #10
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Apple on Campus - Apple Discount

DIT Student's are entitled to a discount on Apple Products, when bought through the Apple Website.

To avail of this, go to DIT Apple Store
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13-09-2011, 22:35   #11
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How to send from

Not sure if someone has put this up before. When you log into your account, up the top right there should be and a wheel. Click the ""

You should see under Email addresses 4 emails
pick which one you want to send emails from and copy it.

Now if you look below you will see under "My Products" some links. One of them is gmail. Click the settings link beside it. Alternatively you can get here by clicking the wheel icon while in your inbox view.

Go to accounts tab. Now click "Add another email address you own". Paste this address in and hit next step.

Now check your inbox for the confirmation code and type it in.
Once all that is done, you can click the link to the right of any email address that says "make default" in the accounts tab. You can also edit info and select what name you want to send as.

Now you can select who you want to send as. Go to compose message from your main email page. See the drop down menu that says "From:". You can select who you want to send from here.

BE WARNED. You can see the originally email address in the email headers. If you're paranoid and absolutely need to hide your student number, this won't do.
If you want to see someone elses, just open their email in gmail. At the top where the reply button is there is an arrow. click that and click see original email. It'll probably look like rubbish but their originally email will be in the return path. Just have someone send you an email and look for your student number in there. Mine appears in the return path, received-spf and authentication-results.

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14-10-2011, 23:10   #12
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Exams office contacts
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16-10-2011, 20:28   #13
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DIT Student Employment Page

DIT Student Employment Page

Hoping to help provide links to jobs in and around Dublin city for students of DIT

If you're one of those lucky enough to have a job to support yourself through college, then something like a sign in a shop window saying 'Help Wanted: Apply Within', a web page looking for staff, or a friend who tells you that their place is looking for staff will not mean a whole lot to you.

This page is a place to share that kind of knowledge with the wider student community. Snap a pic of that sign and upload it, throw a link on the wall, or just mention a company name that's hiring students, to give those of us looking for work a helping hand. Someone in your class desperate for work? Direct them here!

Looking for advice on what kind of places to dish out your CV across the city?
Don't know how to make sure your CV gets to the right person in the company?
Need advice on work V college balance?

The hope is that this page can become a useful resource for you!

Remember, the more you share the page with your friends, the more effective this community will become!
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17-10-2011, 01:47   #14
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Past Exam Papers

I am quite surprised that this isn't here actually.

Anyway, follow this link to access Past Exam Papers.

When you click on the link, click your college, then the year, then a list of courses will be displayed. Click your course and then the relevant exam. Be careful, in that 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year exam papers are all displayed under the same link, so just make sure you don't click 2nd Year Accounting if you're only in 1st Year, for example.

Note: The site is password protected.

Username is: student
Password is: ThunderRoad (Case Sensitive)

Last edited by G_R; 19-10-2011 at 15:34. Reason: Spoilering the username and password was pointless!
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14-01-2012, 16:49   #15
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Bolton st convener

Originally Posted by Voltwad View Post
BST - Bye Election to be held in September
Bolton St Convener
BST - Graham Higginbotham
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