Welcome to the Yoga, Meditation & Pilates forum. The new forum encompasses Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & all other relaxation techniques including Reflexology, Rekki, Massage, etc.

Please do not discuss 'snake oil' treatments such as homeopathy.

Be Nice - It Won't Kill You

No flaming, trolling, spamming or personal abuse of any kind. No sleazing or "pics or gtfo" posts. Treat your fellow posters with courtesy and respect. Attack the post and not the poster.

Off Topic Posts!

Please do not post off topic. If your post does not relate to the thread, please start a new thread. off topic posts will be moved to a new thread!


As with all of boards.ie, advertising is not allowed on this forum. Signing up for the sole purpose of pimping a business will merit a ban. If you are unsure about this in any way, please PM the mods.


The textspeak, it burns! It's for phones, not when you have a full keyboard in front of you. I appreciate many people who use Boards.ie are dyslexic, or through no fault of their own, have difficulties with grammar/punctuation/spelling, but to those for whom the above does not apply: have consideration for other readers and those who take the time to write coherently, and please write as clearly as you can. If you post a block of text with no full stops or commas indicating pauses, you will be posting something that is unreadable and you will be asked to repost it more clearly.


Do not post personal details such as telephone numbers and email addresses. It's inadvisable to publish such material online and Boards.ie will not accommodate it.

Don't Argue with the Mods

Often times as Mods we call people out on something in public. This is to show people what is and is not acceptable. Far more often we deal with things in private via PM. On the occassions when you are called out in public please do not argue with a moderator in a thread, it drags the thread off-topic. If you have an issue with a moderator's action then PM the mod in question. They will discuss it with you. If you are unsatisfied with the PM route, take it to the relevant Cmod, Smod, Admin or off to Feedback.

No Questions about Medical Instruction or Treatment of Injuries

For legal reasons, it would be nice if people could refrain from posting medical directions. As a whole, boards.ie does not allow medical discussion and this forum will be no different. Do not post threads about injuries or when you think you might be injured looking for advice. If you are injured, go to a qualified medical professional for help, not the internet. Injuries can be incredibly difficult to diagnose, even when the person you are seeking help from is in the same room as you.

The only time we will allow the discussion of any injuries and how to overcome them is when the OP CLEARLY states in their first post that they have been to a professional, received advice and treatment and are looking for help with a rehab/prehab exercise. That's about it.

Repeatedly posting about injuries you have looking for advice without going to a medical or sports injury professional will get you banned. Posting advice about treating an injury when you should not will also get you banned.