I'm renovating an old house and and putting in a new plumbing and heating system in Dublin with low mains water pressure. I'll have the water tank for at ground level with pumped feeds to hot and cold water outlets for bathrooms/showers etc. This doesn't deal with the problem of very low mains water pressure for drinking water in the kitchen and I know that it's against by-laws to install a pump on the mains feed.

The builder has suggested installing a potable water tank as the main water tank and to supply everything off that including drinking water, hot and cold feeds etc. That would ensure the same pressure throughout the house.

I don't know of anyone who has done that and wonder if it's a good idea or not? Are there any issues with stagnant water in the tank etc? We're a family of 5, so with showers etc all coming from the tank, there would be a lot of turnover of the water in the tank.

Thanks in advance.