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Insect Overlord
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Getting Started

A back to basics question!

What got you into Geocaching in the first place?

I remember seeing references to it on After Hours here and in various other forums. I mentioned the idea to a few friends and we went out looking for local caches around Limerick one day. The lads got hooked and soon had found most of the caches in the city, often without inviting me!

A few of us spent a few days searching around Cork city centre as well, and then in spots in County Limerick and nearby parts of Clare. Some people have moved on since, and we don't go caching when we do meet up, but I've brought a few people caching on dates in scenic places with fun results.

Haven't found one in a long time now, but looking forward to getting back into it in the spring and summer.

How about you?
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I heard about it years ago, through a friend who does a lot of camping, and thought it sounded amazing! Once I had a smart phone, myself and an ex started out finding a few around Dublin 6 one afternoon. I was straight away hooked, and because I'm fiercely competitive, decided to go find all the others in the area alone!

Been a while for me, too, I made the effort to find one when I was on holidays last summer, though usually I wouldn't because of roaming charges and the like. I placed my own cache and now have more interest in keeping it safe than I do in finding other people's!
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