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29-02-2012, 17:45   #61
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Originally Posted by wilkie2006 View Post
This is a really interesting thread. Anyone know of any good books on banshees?
Not too sure but a good start would be some of th mythology. It would be interesting to see how the entity has changed in folkloe over the years especially the association with surnames.
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05-03-2012, 22:27   #62
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I've heard some very weird growls and screams out side my house. I heard, what I presume was some animal, causing some ruckus in a bush outside the front of my house. I'd hear a growling moan and then a shriek of shock and surprise as this animal appeared to run up along the bush parallel to my lane causing a ruckus and then ending up over by my neighbours house and the shriek levelling out into a whine. The noise appeared to travel about 50 metres in about 5-8 seconds. Of course though it was dark and the noise disappeared so I was unable to investigate. But the same occurrence appeared a few times with that blood curdling shriek and the ruckus through the bushes.

One of my names is on that list but I've never heard a banshee howl that couldn't have been the wind. Or a badger or some other animal.

My mother, speaking to a lady in the village whose son committed suicide recently told her that her son's dog would not go near him the day that he committed suicide. She seems convinced that the dog had special powers; she's the one with special powers.

Only other thing akin to the banshee would be a few weeks before my Dog and about 6 weeks before the death of my Grandmother and my mothers neighbour, I heard a very loud bang from my mothers room, which occurred concurrently 3 times. Nothing had fallen to the ground, and there was nothing loud enough to fall in her room to make that noise. It's still a mystery unless she has a lover.
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14-03-2012, 16:38   #63
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I had a woman wail outside the house, went downstairs to see her standing behind one of the curtains.
The woman had all her clothes shredded off her and was wailing at the window, it seemed as she had come from the sea,(I live across the road) in Dublin, I live in an old house where many people have lived and spent their final days.
Our surname is on the list of family names.
This woman was extremely mute once brought in where she seemed dazed and disoriented.
The local garda was called and she was given something to put around her. She stayed standing in the one spot not responding to anything until the guards came to take her away.
She left an empty handbag which when the guards where rang the next day their was no record of picking her up.
Strange incident which is the closest thing to the Banshee I can think of.
Nobody died around that time to my best recolection though...
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14-03-2012, 16:44   #64
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How come nobody of gen x can see a banshee? It's always 'my mother' or grandmother' and always when they were 'courting'?

Load of rubbish if you ask me.
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12-04-2012, 10:06   #65
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Get over it. It's a bit of fun. This thread is supposed to be for people who have something to say about the banshee. You contribute nothing whatsoever to this thread.
Anyway my friend's granny was looking outside her window one day. Her granny heard this scream. She went outside to see who it was. She only saw the banshee's comb on the ground. Apparantaly the banshee follows the O'Leary's and Hayes. Does that mean she follows Michael O'Leary and Brian Hayes?
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18-10-2012, 14:39   #66
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myself and my sister were in our house, aged about 13 and 15-Our folks were away seeing my dads dad - my granda in hospital. He was very ill- McEnea neys from Co. Armagh- Basically, we heard this horrid sound- high pitch, long wail/squeal, similar to that of a babys cry mixed with a cat fighting. I looked out the window- not thinking of anything spooky (we had a lot of cats back then) but didn't see anything. The next day my granda was dead.

It wasn't until my sis was talking to her friend and mentioned the weird noise when her friend said 'banshee' my sis dropped the phone and started shaking scared.

It surely is a weird one- though Im starting to think that the noise was that of female foxes/vixens cos its a very similar sound.
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19-10-2012, 15:36   #67
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here is your banshee
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19-10-2012, 20:00   #68
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Nope- That wasn't the sound- More high pitched and sustained, and not consistent- Like one 'wail' was like about 8 seconds, then the next was about 15 seconds and was a higher 'more distressed' pitch. Creepy stuff- its begging for a horror film to be made!
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25-10-2012, 21:40   #69
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The Banshee was not seen as something negative, families were proud to have a Banshee attached to them, as only real Irish families had one. It was there to welcome the person to the other side, and not something for the dying person to be afraid of, well that was the folklore passed down in my mother's family.
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03-11-2012, 19:28   #70
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I dunno, I think the banshee is just a quirk of a more naive less informed(the internet etc)generation from days gone by, aided by
a healthy regular intake of Poitin most nights...
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03-11-2012, 20:09   #71
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Here is a great clip called The Banshee, Pagan Ireland. Its part of a documentary.
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04-11-2012, 02:49   #72
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This is an interesting thread.

Now that I've read this, I'm going to start paying more attention. I usually have dreams about some people dying but not sure about any screams.
My name isn't on the list. It's Killian.

How does one know what name they attach themselves to and why do they attach to certain people?
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04-11-2012, 17:57   #73
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There seems to be a bit of confusion about what families she wails for. Some seem to say she only wails for four, while others have a whole list, while I was told if you have an O or a Mac in front of your name she wails for you. This would then include most of Ireland as some Irish names have dropped the O or Mac but once did carry it. I still believe though that it's cry is really just cats mating, that's the most dreadful sound ever!
It's funny though I remember one night being woken by the most awful screaming noise. It certainly wasn't the sound of cats mating. I must've just had a dream of someone screaming although I remember it lasted for about 30 seconds after I woke, it was a really horrific scream, and then disappeared. No one died though, but it certainly creeped me out. I believe there is a logical explanation for most things if not all, but you never know.

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09-12-2012, 16:21   #74
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Anyone know anything about banshee-trees and their association with the banshee itself?
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09-12-2012, 16:29   #75
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they fox mating calls
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