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15-02-2020, 19:02   #136
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Overweight women with even a shred of self confidence
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15-02-2020, 19:07   #137
Cody montana
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Young people being allowed to vote.
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15-02-2020, 19:31   #138
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In the US, it is Native American rights. Both the left and the right has stolen and **** on us.
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15-02-2020, 20:04   #139
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Palestinian statehood

Nelson Mandela

Bernie Sanders

Mary Lou


Noam Chomsky

Norman Finkelstein

George Galloway

United Ireland/ Irish Republicanism

Civil Rights campaigns in the US & Northern Ireland in the 60's

The rise of Sinn Fein


People Before Profit

Pointing out the fact the US & other Western powers supported military coups & proped up fascistic dictators in the Middle East, Central America, South America & south east Asia. Thatcher herself protected General Pinochet, one of the most blood thirsty dictarors of the 20th century

Pointing out the fact that the US supported Saddam Hussien & Osama Bin Laden in the 1980's, because of the flawed logic that "my enemies enemy, is my friend".

John Pilger

The British government sayin sorry for Bloody Sunday 1972 in Derry & saying it was unjustified & unjustifiable.

The fact the most popular peace-time British government was the one headed by Clem Attlee right after WW2, who introduced the welfare state, public housing, the NHS, nationalizing of key industries, a safety net, all this when Britain was pretty much broke after WW2.

Tony Benn (when he was alive)

George Orwell remaining a Democratic Socialist until his death.

Martin Luther King JR being a Democratic Socialist.

When a person on the right says "see what bad things happened to Venezuela when they became Socialst", and you point out to them that the majority of Venezuela's economy is privately owned, and Chavez introduced light reforms to help poor people.
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15-02-2020, 20:18   #140
Better Than Christ
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When someone from a privileged background has the decency to espouse socialist politics.
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15-02-2020, 21:08   #141
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That Facebook has 58 gender options
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15-02-2020, 21:11   #142
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When white over-privileged people claim to be a "person of colour", like Elizabeth Warren or Rachel Dolezal
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15-02-2020, 23:47   #143
Quantum Erasure
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Originally Posted by biko View Post
That Facebook has 58 gender options
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15-02-2020, 23:54   #144
Capt'n Midnight
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Originally Posted by Quantum Erasure View Post
And that makes 59.
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15-02-2020, 23:59   #145
Hello 2D Person Below
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Originally Posted by Better Than Christ View Post
When someone from a privileged background has the decency to espouse socialist politics.
If you're poor, you're jealous.

If you're rich, you're a champagne socialist.
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16-02-2020, 11:27   #146
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Puberty blockers.
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16-02-2020, 11:34   #147
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All the people on the right?

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16-02-2020, 11:55   #148
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A day out hunting game birds, nothing like a noble cock pheasant who's colours are as radiant as the most beautiful sun set over a forest... rising up into the air and you cock your trigger and he's in full flight.

You pull the trigger and he's ready for the pot...

Another thing that triggers the right are trout, nothing like being on a spate river and fly rod in hand, the floods dropping and that pesky sea trout is attacking the fly but he's not getting the hook....

That's triggering might I add.
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18-02-2020, 14:39   #149
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Being labelled “right” or, indeed, “far right”, when appropriate.
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18-02-2020, 14:55   #150
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Saying there is no such thing as free speech and there never has been.

Criticising misogyny (unless by muslims/non muslims who are black/Asian).
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