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15-04-2002, 20:12   #1
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Number of calls limit by esat

After receiving my phone bill I noticed that I was charged for nearly 30 hours of calls on my ESAT phone line. I rang eircom and they explained that I was not doubled billed:

Esat have failed to announce that it can only handle a certain amount of calls on its phone lines. It seems that I was charged for my (NO)limits internet calls, not by esat but bye eircom.

I have to announce my amazement at ESATs failure to inform its users of this. Its (NO)limits package has really gone downhill. It seems no telephone company in Ireland is willing to introduce TRUE flat rate internet.
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i agree, my internet is screwed up, im connect with indigo through an eircom phone line and eircom charge me for the phone call!

Bloody hell!
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15-04-2002, 21:25   #3
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I constantly have the same problem with Oceanfree. Thats part of Esat now afaik.

Its quite annoying
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16-04-2002, 13:13   #4
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Get on to Consumers Affairs. This should get a publc airing, definitely.
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Originally posted by Jimeatsmenu
i agree, my internet is screwed up, im connect with indigo through an eircom phone line and eircom charge me for the phone call!

Bloody hell!
eh-whats wrong with that???
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16-04-2002, 13:50   #6
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I Jimeatsmenu is being billed both by Eircom and Esat.

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16-04-2002, 14:47   #7
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The original post, calls overflow to Eircom !


Have you checked the small print on your ESAT contract, they would have covered themselves with some legalese for this eventuality.

I think that there is a CPS or Carrier selection timeout which, if it kicks in, will result in the call being completed by Eircom beacuse ESAT can't 'take' it when requested.

The irony of course is that the call ended up in the ESAT network anyway because you were calling an ESAT no limits POP number, it was probably passed to ESAT by Eircom in Dublin.

This means that ESAT had the capacity to complete the call in Dublin but did not have the capacity in your local exchange to take the calls off Eircom there or nearby.

This can happen every now and then but 30 hours of downtime on the super duper ESAT network is ridiculous.

Does it mean that ESAT have closed some of their peering points with Eircom and slunk off quietly?

Alternatively does it mean that Eircom have unilaterally turned off
Carrier pre select , selecting ESAT, on your line without your authority...a method for acquiring customers from another carriers known as 'Slamming' in the trade.

You obviously believe that you still have a contract with ESAT to carry your calls.

Are you calling from somewhere not on the Irish Rail Network?

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16-04-2002, 15:19   #8
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What's happened me a few times (mostly on bank holidays - other NoLimits users will be familiar with this) is that some of my NoLimits calls have been billed to me.

When that happens I phone Esat and get them to take the charges off (off-peak is off-peak as far as I'm concerned - they can't bill me for it)

Have you tried phoning Esat Customer Care with this?

Veronica is excellent at sorting this kind of thing (usually at work after 10pm) - has solved every problem I've come across, Patricia is good during the day but doesn't seem to have the technical knowledge, Jason is good to sort customers woes out during the day.

If you don't get any satisfaction I'd try speaking to Ailbhe (supervisor). Like all call centres, managers and supervisors are slow to come to the phone at Esat, even when you ask to speak to one, but if you have a name to ask, it might help.
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