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23-10-2010, 00:34   #1
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Ebook in Ireland

I've had my Sony PRS-650 for two weeks.
Absolutely love it.
Stunned by..
(1) How hard it is to buy non-kindle books from an Irish address
(2) The outrageous cost of e-books when compared to paperbacks on the same site

Anyone found anywhere (apart from Kindle users on Amazon) that has a decent range of books available to Irish consumers?
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25-10-2010, 16:05   #2
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I'm afraid I can't help you with your question but I'm wondering where you got the PRS650 as I'm interested in one myself ?
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25-10-2010, 19:39   #3
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Waterstones , WH Smith and the Sony Ebookstore US can give decent prices if you look around. Mack de toaster -I have my prs 600 up for sale on boards if you are interested.
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26-10-2010, 20:54   #4
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http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ seems to have a somewhat decent selection of ebooks for multiple devices. Can't say much about the prices though.
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31-10-2010, 11:10   #5
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Ebooks for the PRS-650

I also got one recently and after an initial reluctance to NOT have a book in my hand have taken to it like a duck to water. I have been having problems buying ebooks online. I have managed to find one or two websites and i would recommend going to www.epubbooks.com/buy-epub-books and when you get there go to the KOBO wesite. Here you can buy books at US prices BUT the VERY IMPORTANT thing here is to NOT use the software that came with the E-Reader. If you use the software that came with the reader you will NOT be able to open the book. You should down load a free software package called "callibre" http://www.calibre-ebook.com/ and use this to load books into the e-reader. KOBO does not the greatest selection of books but it's not bad. I got the new james Patterson for €6 and the new Dick Francis for €13.

The waterstones website is not great and it's expensive, I'd check out the WH Smith site as well but again it's in sterling and it's full price.

I'm pretty new here but is there a way to buy books from borders.com as without a US billing address they won't accept any purchases.
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31-10-2010, 21:19   #6
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The solution to this original posters problem is to create an amazon.co.uk account, if he or she doesn't have one already. Goto the 'Kindle' section of the store, and somewhere along the top of the screen is a link to another page where you can manage your Kindle account. In here you'll find the option to change your county setting from the default, 'Ireland' , to 'United Kingdom' instead. You'll be prompted for an address, but you can pretty much make up ANY address so long as there is a valid postcode to go with it. Just google 'UK postcode example' for ideas. This has worked for me.

If you have a PC, you can now elect to download the Kindle book titles at UK prices to your computer/laptop and read them off the screen using the Kindle PC reader application. You can also follow the guide at http://nyquil.org/archives/1235-Conv...-Possible.html that will let you decouple the DRM from the book and then easily convert to a format that a Sony device will work with, using software called Calibre.

*I think you need to be using an older version of the Kindle PC app to get this hack to work. Try googling 'Kindle PC old version'. You wouldn't be losing an enormous amount of functionality by using a slightly older version, don't worry.*

Using this method, you'll save a lot of money off the cost of buying books from amazon's competitors at ridiculously over-inflated prices and still enjoy on your favourite device.
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Thanks from:
31-10-2010, 23:47   #7
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Bought a Sony prs-350 today... and regretting it

Bought a sony reader and Im really disappointed. Not with the device but getting books. Really wish now I got the Kindle...

So far I can only get books from Waterstones and they don't have some that I want. WH Smyths wont sell to anyone outside the UK which is really frustrating as they do have some of the books I want.

Its so annoying the Sony Reader store is US only...

Life looks so much easier with a Kindle and Amazon...
Edit: Just discovered the book depository (selection not as good as first thought). Still the shopping experience so far is really poor. Just finding some bloody books...

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27-12-2010, 02:20   #8
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my gf bought me a sony reader and i was wondering how i can kindle books onto it, or if its possible even ?

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02-01-2011, 21:09   #9
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Sign up to google checkout and give a US address. Then sign up to booksonboard.com and use the Google checkout account to buy all the books you want. Edit - that's in response to how to get a better selection of books; no idea about kindle purchases.
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13-12-2011, 00:19   #10
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ebooks in epub

hey, i am looking into buying an e-reader and was looking at different formats, etc. and where i can buy books. Most of the books i am interested in are epub format so Im thinking a sony. When I was looking around, I found that www.easons.com seem to have books in this format. Dunno if you've looked here but it might be worth a try??
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13-12-2011, 18:53   #11
Walter White
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Originally Posted by tinatot View Post
hey, i am looking into buying an e-reader and was looking at different formats, etc. and where i can buy books. Most of the books i am interested in are epub format so Im thinking a sony. When I was looking around, I found that www.easons.com seem to have books in this format. Dunno if you've looked here but it might be worth a try??
I bought the new Sony PRS-1 from easons and would highly recommend it. As for books, The program http://www.calibre-ebook.com/ is very easy to use and will change the format of any book from Mobi (kindle format) to epub (sony format). As for sites for books their are so many with books for free in all formats.
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