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17-12-2010, 14:30   #1
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Jobs for the boys...

doing the rounds at the mibute... interesting read

3 days ago this started as a 3 line thing , now it’s just another rant from ….. anyway, have a look if you’re interested...

After the budget where “someone with an income of €500,000 will get a 4 per cent increase in their net income. At the same time someone on PAYE and earning €25,000 will be 4.3 per cent worse off”.

Now we have jobs for the boys…

Just in case you were wondering where all the unelectable FF’ers went over the last 20 years or so and where a lot more of them are going to go between now and the election… The government is busy appointing their family and mates as judges, senators, members of boards of public bodies etc etc etc…

THE daughter of Independent TD Jackie Healy-Rae was given a lucrative position on a state board just weeks before her father agreed to support the Government in the budget vote.

The Government-appointed chairwoman of the tribunal is Sinead Behan, who is a failed Fianna Fáil election candidate.

40 appointments to state boards have been made by Fianna Fáil and Green Party ministers in the past month.

Paul Kelly

He’d already lost his town council seat, and was looking likely to lose the county council seat soo… Paul Kelly is being appointed as a judge to the district court.

(Max he can work is 11 years then retires on massive pension of approx 100k per year and the timing of it means he misses having to take the pay cut, they’re professionals when it comes to looking after each other, pity about the country.

THE YOUNGER brother of Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey has been nominated by the Government for appointment as a judge of the District Court. Dermot Dempsey (53) is a solicitor

Cyril Kelly's wife was appointed a Judge the other day ( he was removed along with Hugh O Flaherty over the Sheedy affair)

Albert Reynold's daughter was appointed a judge recently, straight from being a junior counsel. She never served any time as an SC.

Brian Lenihan's wife is a judge also.

Seamus Hughes from Mayo, an ex FF TD was made a judge a few months ago.

Kilraine director of elections for FF in Sligo/Leitrim was also made a judge.

Another lady from Mayo was also made a judge, she is sister in law of a FF jnr. minister,

Jimmy Devin's wife Mary is a judge in Mayo.

High Court judge Henry Abbott is a former FF TD also

Éamon Ó Cuív's cousin is a judge.

Hardiman defected to the PDs then he was elected a judge. And his wife is a judge, so is Moriarty's wife, and Geoghan's.

Seamus Hughes ex FF chairman of Westport UDC, and ex FF TD was made a judge a few months ago.
Kevin Kilraine director of elections for FF in Sligo/Leitrim was also made a judge.
(Also happened to be the solicitor in all the meat debt cases for John Ellis the current Senator and ex TD, remember him ?? - CJ and Bertie certainly did)

a famous FF appointee to the District Court, Judge Dermot Dunleavy who sat in Wexford, appointed by late Brian Lenihan as minister for Justice. He was a character and could break out in song in court. Once when a lottery application for FF in Wexford came before him he granted it on the basis that FF of all the parties was a philantrophic organisation (a legal requirement), despite protests from Superintendent Gurhy of the Gardai.

FF appointed Vivian Lavan to High Court and it had to be rescinded because of a lack of experience. Re-appointed a few years later.

Jarlath Ruane from Claremorris, and after a few years discovered he had not the necessary qualification, but he was allowed draw his salary until he retired -for staying at home.

Look at decisions of ex Judge Fergus Flood, who would be a FF appointee, as regards Tribunal evidence of Gogarty.

Non-judge stuff

Padraic O'Connor, provided Mr Ahern with advice during his stint as Minister for Finance and also spent some time as a economic advisor at the Central Bank - he was appointed to the board of Eircom.

Joe Burke, another of Mr Ahern's donors and a long-time personal friend, is the current chairman of the Dublin Port Company.

well known Fianna Fáil supporter and former GAA star Paídí Ó Sé was appointed to the board of Bord Iascaigh Mhara,

Failte Ireland

Notable party sympathisers on the board include Paidi O'Se, the colourful GAA manager, and businesswoman Gillian Bowler (chairman of Failte), a longtime friend of the late Charles Haughey also on the baord are former (can’t get elected anymore) Fianna Fail councillor Patrick O'Donoghue and the hotelier Noel O'Callaghan.

Elsewhere, Bertie Ahern's barrister, Conor J Maguire SC, who has represented the Taoiseach at the Mahon tribunal, pops up as chairman of the board of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland. Another board member is Mary Kerrigan, one-time Fianna Fail press officer, barrister and former director of Celia Larkin's company Beauty at the Blue Door.

Over at Bord Gais there is Aiden Eames, a solicitor and Fianna Fail supporter, and former Fianna Fail minister Gene Fitzgerald.

Another former Fianna Fail minister, Joe Walsh, who fought unsuccessfully tohold on to his Agriculture post, has been appointedindependent chairman of the newly-formed Horse Sport Ireland.

On the board of the Digital Hub you will find director Paul Kavanagh, a former fundraiser for Fianna Fail. At the Dublin Airport Authority Bill Cullen, who is friendly with many politicians, but a favourite of the Fianna Fail set, is a director.

Recently it emerged that Udaras na Gaeltachta was reprimanded by department officials for the way it appointed Ruan O'Bric, a well-known Fianna Fail supporter, to undertake consultancy work. Mr O'Bric, who is no doubt a strong candidate for the job, has been awarded a three-year, €185,000 contract without the post being advertised.

Elsewhere, in July 2005 Celia Larkin, Mr Ahern's former lover, was appointed to the board of the new National Consumer Agency, a Government-funded consumer watchdog. Her appointment was made at Bertie Ahern's request. This is not to say that Ms Larkin isn't suited for the job; she probably is. As the Taoiseach himself said in a different context, he wanted ordinary people on state boards.

Other prominent board members are Betty Coffey, a Fianna Fail councillor who is a member of the Heritage Council; Nial Ring, a friend of Bertie Ahern who is a member of the board of the IDA as is Progressive Democrat founder Paul Mackay; Maurice Ahern, a brother of the Taoiseach who is on the Sports Council, and Gerry Danaher SC, a good friend of Fianna Fail, who is on the board of the National Museum.

what exactly does it mean to have a place on one of these boards? Well, essentially it is a handy number for these lucky people. Along with the prestige of having a place on the board and the "networking" opportunities it presents, the money is not to be sniffed at, considering the amount of work involved.

A chairperson of a semi-state board can earn between €10,500 and €35,000 a year, depending on the grade of the organisation. A board director can earn between €7,000 and €17,500 a year. The expenses and the perks are also generous.
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Jeez OP, that's pretty filthy stuff. I mean the part where the vicar and the pharmacist where felching was way OTT and all that scat. Seriously OP, I think you need help. Eugh, munging and all, bleugh.
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17-12-2010, 14:40   #5
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I'm a boy. I want a job.
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Thanks from:
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17-12-2010, 15:00   #7
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I accept a lot of that. But you are likely being unfair to a few people

For example: "Eamon Ó Cuív's cousin is a judge". So what? Can you provide evidence that this cousin is not qualified to be a judge, or has been fasttracked without spending the appropriate amount of time in junior positions?
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17-12-2010, 15:12   #8
red menace
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Originally Posted by appleseed View Post
THE YOUNGER brother of Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey has been nominated by the Government for appointment as a judge of the District Court. Dermot Dempsey (53) is a solicitor

He is a solicitor FFS its not like they appointed a 20 year old junkie brother as a judge
A lot of those are seriously stretched to make the point
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Originally Posted by appleseed View Post
THE daughter of Independent TD Jackie Healy-Rae was given a lucrative position on a state board just weeks before her father agreed to support the Government in the budget vote.
I dislike Jackie Healy-Rae as much as any sane person, however a few details have been conveneintly omitted. Firstly, she was reappointed to the board, she was on it before. Secondly, she's a Barristor. She's obviously qualified for the position. Its not like she just strolled into it
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Originally Posted by karlog View Post
I can rivet. Give me a job riveting.
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17-12-2010, 15:40   #11
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We need a whiteboard up with mugshots of all these people linked together with coloured marker or strings.

McNulty... get over here.
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17-12-2010, 15:46   #12
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Too much reading, Friday evening... can someone post a pic with links... you know like the large wall the FBI have in the movies when they are trying to find the killer
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Originally Posted by FatherLen View Post
Short version:
Politicians using their position to get high paying/important jobs for their relatives and friends.
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17-12-2010, 20:14   #14
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Originally Posted by FatherLen View Post
tl:dr summary: Abandon hope all ye who enter should be posted at arrivals of Dublin Airport
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