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28-04-2009, 12:47   #31
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Yup, just need to format them bigred, I'll get to it today.
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28-04-2009, 15:35   #32
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Here they are:

Results for Air Pistol
1Peter FriendAddiscombe RC909292939493554
2Joe ConroyFermoy909189909494548
3John CashmanFermoy869087909088531
4Tim ScannellWTSC838692868888523
5John Lancaster (P)UCDRC858986888687521
6John M O'BrienRRPC777780808082476
7Mark Dennehy (P)WTSC828277747286473
8Donal LynchWTSC747363817582448
9Morgan BazilianUCDRC757267746153402
10Carin StritchUCDRC657164716467402
11Mark LyonsUCDRC647967645662392
12James FarrellWTSC000000DNS
12Hugh StewartComber000000DNS

Air Pistol Final
1Peter FriendAddiscombe RC55493.6647.6
2Joe ConroyFermoy54894.4642.4
3John CashmanFermoy53192.2623.2
4Tim ScannellWTSC52390.9613.9
5John Lancaster (P)UCDRC52184.8605.8
6John M O'BrienRRPC47687.1563.1
7Mark Dennehy (P)WTSC47386.4559.4
8Donal LynchWTSC44882.9530.9

Results for Mens Air Rifle
1Sean BaldwinDFST919395919791558370
2Shane FlynnWTSC879392909492548362
3Jim O'HaganWTSC878794909296546358
4Lorcan O'CarrollDURC878792939489542359
5Colm BreretonWTSC888892909187536358
6John LancasterUCDRC918589908792534355
7Kunjan PatelUCDRC858792919088533355
8Jonathan RedmondUCDRC848789878691524347
9Lorcan ByrneDURC838791898585520350
10Mark CaseyWTSC858885868689519344
11Friedrich WesterholtUCDRC779184837483492335
12Paul LinehanDURC838386828070484334
13David FranklinDURC787464716363413287
14Dave MurrayDFST665472626967390254
15Ben LawlorDURC000000DNS 
15Mark DennehyWTSC000000DNS 

Results for Womens Air Rifle
1Susan CunninghamWTSC97989294381
2Elizabeth O HaganWTSC93959795380
3Laura CunninghamWTSC92939194370
4Tara HeaneyWTSC92969091369
5Eleanor MollettDURC93919491369
6Catriona LawlorDURC90938693362
7Emma LyonsUCDRC90849393360
8Laura KiddDURC89848392348
9Kate WilhelmDURC90868581342
10Lauren DeedyDURC90818281334
11Caitriona MurphyDURC75898682332
12Trisha SheridanDURC78867987330

Results for Mens Air Rifle Final
1Sean BaldwinDFST55894652
2Shane FlynnWTSC54894.4642.4
3Jim O'HaganWTSC54692.1638.1
4Lorcan O'CarrollDURC54287.1629.1
5John LancasterUCDRC53488.2622.2
6Colm BreretonWTSC53685.9621.9
7Lorcan ByrneDURC52093.1613.1
8Jonathan RedmondUCDRC52487.4611.4

Results for Womens Air Rifle Final
1Susan CunninghamWTSC38197.4478.4
2Elizabeth O HaganWTSC38090470
3Tara HeaneyWTSC36997.2466.2
4Laura CunninghamWTSC37094.6464.6
5Catriona LawlorDURC36288.3450.3
6Laura KiddDURC34894.6442.6
7Caitriona MurphyDURC33278.7410.7
8Emma LyonsUCDRC360DNS360

Class Results for Air Rifle
RankShooterClubClassClass score
A1Susan CunninghamWTSCA 40381
A2Elizabeth O HaganWTSCA 40380
A3Sean BaldwinDFSTA 60370
B1Laura CunninghamWTSCB 40370
B2Tara HeaneyWTSCB 40369
B3Eleanor MollettDURCB 40369
 Shane FlynnWTSCA 60362
 Catriona LawlorDURCB 40362
 Emma LyonsUCDRCA 40360
 Lorcan O'CarrollDURCB 60359
 Jim O'HaganWTSCA 60358
 Colm BreretonWTSCB 60358
 John LancasterUCDRCB 60355
D1Kunjan PatelUCDRCD 60355
C1Lorcan ByrneDURCC 60350
C2Laura KiddDURCC 40348
C3Jonathan RedmondUCDRCC 60347
 Mark CaseyWTSCC 60344
D2Kate WilhelmDURCD 40342
 Friedrich WesterholtUCDRCC 60335
 Paul LinehanDURCC 60334
 Lauren DeedyDURCC 40334
 Caitriona MurphyDURCC 40332
 Trisha SheridanDURCC 40330
D3David FranklinDURCD 60287
 Dave MurrayDFSTD 60254
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28-04-2009, 15:52   #33
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Join Date: Apr 2003
Posts: 38,241
The Mens Air Rifle National Champions 2009

The Womens Air Rifle National Champions 2009
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