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10-02-2018, 01:58   #706
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Damn! He was a fine character actor and such an amazing voice. Loved him in The Wire and his short stint in Oz.
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10-02-2018, 17:39   #707
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johann johannsson RIP
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10-02-2018, 17:58   #708
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Man, that’s a real tragedy. His soundtracks to Arrival and particularly Sicario were a big part of why those films packed the punch they did. Sicario’s propulsive percussion was the kind of thing cinema surround sound was designed for. RIP.
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10-02-2018, 22:48   #709
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John Gavin, a Hollywood veteran who appeared in classic films Psycho and Spartacus, has died aged 86.

The American actor who once served as US ambassador to Mexico under Ronald Reagan, died Friday morning (9 February) after a battle with leukaemia.

Gavin - real name John Anthony Golenor - enjoyed a high profile in Hollywood following his debut lead role in Douglas Sirk film A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958), a melodrama revered for its depiction of Germans towards the end of WWII made just 14 years after it ended. Gavin starred in Imitation of Life a year later alongside Lana Turner and Sandra Dee.

He followed that up with a role in Alfred Hitchock's horror Classic Psycho, in which he played Sam Loomis, the boyfriend of Janet Leigh's doomed Marion Crane, and Stanley Kubrick's Oscar-winning epic Spartacus as Julius Caesar opposite Kirk Douglas' titular slave.
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10-02-2018, 23:18   #710
Sad Professor
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Jóhannsson is a huge loss. One of the most promising composers to emerge in the last decade. And he was just starting to spread his wings.
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12-02-2018, 00:46   #711
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Originally Posted by Marje View Post
Actor Reg E. Cathey, who played Freddy on “House of Cards” and appeared in “The Wire,” has died. He was 59.

Known for his distinctive baritone voice, Reginald Eugene Cathey began acting in 1984 in a television movie called “A Doctor’s Story.” He guest starred on numerous television shows, playing Norman Wilson in seasons four and five of “The Wire” as well as in “Grimm,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “House of Cards,” and drama “Outcast.”

Cathey won an Emmy for outstanding guest actor in a drama series in 2015 for his work on “House of Cards.” He was previously nominated in 2014 and received another nomination in 2016 for the same role.
Reginald E. Cathey also appeared briefly as "Al" in American Psycho. A memorable scene.

Last edited by Ted Plain; 12-02-2018 at 00:49.
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12-02-2018, 03:24   #712
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Originally Posted by Ted Plain View Post
Reginald E. Cathey also appeared briefly as "Al" in American Psycho. A memorable scene.
Very sad. I'll always remember him for his excellent turn as Martin Querns in Oz.
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12-02-2018, 10:40   #713
p to the e
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Originally Posted by peteeeed View Post
A good listen:
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22-02-2018, 23:04   #714
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Ren Osugi

Japan Times
Japanese actor Ren Osugi, best known for his supporting roles in director Takeshi Kitano’s yakuza films, died Wednesday from a heart attack, according to TV Tokyo. He was 66.

According to the network, Osugi had complained of stomach pain on Tuesday after shooting scenes for the TV drama series “By Players.” He was taken to hospital later that night and died early the next morning.

Osugi appeared in numerous movies and TV dramas and was well-known as an outstanding actor having played a wide variety of characters, with roles ranging from a gangster to a family man.

The Tokushima Prefecture native joined a theatrical company in 1974 and made his film debut in 1980.

His film credits include roles in Kitano’s “Sonatine” and “Hana-bi,” as well as “Postman Blues” directed by Sabu, and Yoichi Sai’s “Inu Hashiru.”
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24-02-2018, 21:07   #715
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Emma Chambers from Notting Hill dead at 53
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24-02-2018, 21:16   #716
Darch Nemesis
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Have never seen Notting Hill, but I've seen a good bit of the Vicar of Dibley over the years, in which she was great fun. Fifty three is no age.
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25-02-2018, 23:35   #717
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Bud Luckey, Oscar-Nominated Animator Who Designed Woody for 'Toy Story,' Dies at 83.

The early Pixar employee also created counting cartoons for 'Sesame Street' and voiced characters in 'The Incredibles' and 'Winnie the Pooh.'
Bud Luckey, the Oscar-nominated animator whose charming Sesame Street cartoons taught generations of children how to count and who is credited with coming up with the cowboy design for Woody of Toy Story, has died. He was 83.
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27-02-2018, 18:32   #718
Harry Palmr
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Lewis Gilbert has died - best known for James Bond, esp Roger Moore era and two great Michael Caine films - Alfie and Educating Rita.
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28-02-2018, 14:56   #719
Arthur Daley
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Originally Posted by Harry Palmr View Post
Lewis Gilbert has died - best known for James Bond, esp Roger Moore era and two great Michael Caine films - Alfie and Educating Rita.
Good innings for him. Directed his last film 15 years ago at 82. He did 3 Bond films, You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.
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01-03-2018, 03:12   #720
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Film Producer Benjamin Melniker died aged 104.

Film Producer Michael Uslan left this tribute for him on Facebook.

It is with such sadness that I tell you of the passing of my Batman partner, the legendary Benjamin Melniker (1913-2018).

“Legendary” is the only word capable of describing the man who started work at MGM in late 1939 and came to be known as “The MGM Lion” for his forcefulness in negotiating the deals for the studio while building his reputation for integrity at the same time. It was Ben who taught me, “The only thing you get to take with you when you die AND leave behind is your good name.”

Ben ascended at MGM, becoming sole Executive Vice President and all divisions reported to him. He was also Chairman of the Film Selection Committee and a member of the parent Loews board. Ben put together the deals for Ben-Hur, Dr. Zhivago, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Gigi and their musicals of that Tiffany era of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. He was invited to the White House by LBJ along with Lew Wasserman, Arthur Krim, and the other studio heads to form the MPAA. Ben negotiated the Paramount Consent Decree of 1948 in which the government ordered the split between Loews and MGM. He appeared before the Supreme Court with also legendary lawyer, Louis Nizer. In the 1970’s, Ben invented the Canadian Tax Shelter deal used to finance many movies of that era.

In 1979, Ben believed in me and in my outlandish idea to buy the rights to Batman in order to show the world the TRUE” Batman as created in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, a creature of the night who stalks disturbed villains in the shadows, in a series of dark and serious movies. Ten long years later, thanks to the relentless efforts of Ben, we succeeded, changed the comic book industry, changed the movie industry, and changed history.

Ben was a humble man, never wishing attention. He turned down endless requests to write his book or do interviews about The Golden Age of Hollywood, especially in his latter years as he became the last mogul standing from that era. He told me that he knew all the stories of what transpired behind the curtain at MGM in those decades, but would never reveal things that could negatively impact those people, their children or their grandchildren. Ben was a mensch.

He owns the Hollywood record books as far as I can tell. He actively worked in the industry over nine decades, and this year will still receive on-screen credit past his 105th birthday. Not only was he active in the industry for 79 years, he was sharp right up until the last day.

I’ll finish my tribute with a story. Back in the early 1990s, Ben and I set up a deal at Hanna-Barbera. The executive there informed us that Joe Barbera was in his office that day and asked if we would like to meet him. I was excited. Ben didn’t say a word. As we walked into Joe Barbera‘s office, he looked up, ran over and gave Ben a bear hug as tears were streaming from his eyes. He turned to me and said, “If it wasn’t for this man, there would have been no Hanna-Barbera… No Flintstones, no Jetsons, nothing!” He went on to explain that it was Ben who pushed Fred Quimby to hire Joe and Bill Hanna initially in the MGM animation unit. When MGM was closing the animation unit, Joe and Bill went to Ben and explained they were going to leave to try to set up their own company. As a thank you to them in appreciation for all their hard work, he said Ben arranged for them to have the rights to “Tom and Jerry” for an upfront payment of $10 in order to help them start their business.

That was Ben. “The MGM Lion” had a soft side and at the end of the day it was all about integrity.

He was my partner. He helped make my dreams come true. He was my second father. I always knew this day had to come, but after 105 years, I never thought it would.

“Benjamin Melniker.” Remember the name. He has left it behind for all the rest of us to aspire to.

Fine age. He certainly lead a wonderful career. R.I.P.
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