Hi and welcome to the terminal illness forum. We hope that this forum will be of some support to both people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, those who care for people who are terminally ill, and friends and relatives who possibly feel entirely helpless in the situation.

Please be very cautious about posting if you have not been in any of these situations. Though support is very welcome, if you haven't been in the situation you might not see all the angles. Also there is no 'right way' of dealing with any situation. One person might wish to have everything open and discussed and dealt with, another might be in total denial. Both have to be respected.

Some of you might wish to separate your situation /anger /grief or other emotions from your Boards identity. We cannot offer anon posting at the moment but we will try and organise it.

If any of you have experiences you would like to share, especially practical aspects of dealing with this very difficult time, please do so.