Hi there, I wonder can anyone help because I'm stressed that my money wont come in next week.. So my IB cert runs out on Sunday 1st of March and I was with my doctor last week who told me that he is putting me on another 6 month cert but he has to do it all online now and there is no more actual paper certs to send off anymore?
He asked me to ring into the GP office on tues or wednesday (which I did) to remind him to put the cert through.. I have already received a text from IB telling me that if I am to continue receiving IB that I must send in my next cert by the 2nd of March, but as I mentioned earlier that certs are no longer needed to be sent in?
Maybe its just me and I'm stressing for nothing. Has anyone else dealt with their doctor doing it online and not sending off a cert to IB and how did it go?