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How does the bombing of Dresden to encourage the Nazis to concede or the nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to force surrender fit into that narrative?
Something you can argue about from the safety of your armchair many years later.

At the time things are a lot different.

Germany apart from starting and continuing to attack civilians throughout the war. Possessed V1 and V2 rockets whose sole aim was to kill British civilians. They had no other use and they used them to great effect. They also possessed 2 bombers which could reach the USA. They were also building a V2 rocket which could reach the USA. They were also very close to developing an atomic bomb.

If the Allies had delayed the invasion in 1944 then most possibly they would have advanced a lot further and none of us would be here.

V1 and V2 rockets were still landing on Britain killing civilians 6 weeks after the Dresden bombing. If they had developed their atomic bomb do you think it would have been placed on one of those rockets?

Besides which the Germans adored Hitler and the Nazi's and a lot believed they were invincible.

In less than 31 years the Germans had managed to start 2 wars against its neighbours killing 10's of millions of people and maiming many more. The damage they caused to those countries is unmeasurable and never been paid for. Yet today a few people who have no experience complain about the deaths of what were the very people responsible for the carnage they unleashed on everybody else. It's a strange world.

Japan would have fought to the very last man inflicting massive Allied casualties and also almost total Japaneses deaths.

Decisions have to be made at the time to suit what you have.

Later you can say this was wrong. But not at the time.