Monday, 29 June, 2009

Well I'm pretty sure it will be warmer than 18, but as for 29 or 30, that will require a lot of sunshine which could be the case on Wednesday in particular, so we'll have to see ... this is my outlook as of the latest guidance.

TODAY will be generally dry until an area of heavy showers arrives in the southwest this evening. There could be an isolated thundershower somewhere in central Ireland perhaps, but most places will see some hazy sunshine (once the low cloud or fog burn off in some cases), and highs should reach about 22-25 C inland as well as west coast, 18 to 21 C east and south coasts, and near 21 C in most of Ulster and Donegal.

TONIGHT periods of heavy, possibly thundery rain will develop and spread over at least the western and central two-thirds of Ireland, some parts of the east may escape at least until near daybreak. Lows will be 12-15 C. Winds on the south and southwest coasts will increase to SE 30-40 mph, but other parts of Ireland will only see a slight increase in the SE breeze.

TUESDAY the heavy thundery showers (giving total rainfalls of 25-40 mms in some places by mid-day) will slowly break up to more isolated thundershowers with a generally northward drift of the activity, and by afternoon it may become partly sunny again, very hazy and quite humid, with highs of about 22-25 C (possibly to 27 C in a few spots).

WEDNESDAY currently looks like being the warmest day of the week with more frequent sunny intervals, still the risk of a thundershower, and highs of about 25 to 28 C, still could touch 30 C in one or two places if there's enough sunshine, but the pattern does look somewhat humid for that.

THURSDAY is looking more stormy again with the first of two cold fronts likely to make slow progress west to east through Ireland, bringing some very heavy showers and thunderstorms, as it remains quite warm and humid, with highs of 22 to 25 C. (morning lows 14-16 C)

FRIDAY should bring an interval of clearing and somewhat less humid weather followed by another round of showers and thunderstorms, with highs near 21 to 23 C. (morning lows 13-15 C)

THE WEEKEND at this point looks less humid and quite breezy with highs closer to 19 or 20 C, with some showers thrown in.